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10 Transformation Tools

I understand the struggle massively! I understand feeling chaotic and overwhelmed with health. I understand being completely discombobulated, for a lack of a better word, with money and with business. I used to struggle and was 55 pounds heavier.

Even though I'm a CPA, I used to suck at my own money. I helped others make seven, eight, nine, 10, 11 figures but would always reach these levels of income at the greatest was six figures. I know you're probably thinking, "oh poor me" but that was also, you guys, because I created a story that "oh, money is scary. I can't get beyond a certain point. I'm not worth it. I'm not worthy." Whatever that story is, right?


There are three things we have to deal with every single day. That's health, that's money and that's people. In people, that includes ourselves.


So, it's realizing that we're the only common denominator every single time in the equation or in the situation. The third thing was business. So, I've been blessed to work with over seven industries in strategy and finance and operations but, what I struggled with a couple years ago was, "Well, why have I had all these experiences?" I realized through combining so much value in every single one how that would lead to helping and serving you.


Let's get into the 10 transformation tools that have massively helped me and clients.


Comment below on the value you get in the video or on .some of your struggles in health, and money, and business. I'd love to hear from you and part of my purpose is to help ease the pain for you. So, the transformation doesn't take so long!

I struggled with weight for over 15 years. Money, I mean, since I was like five, six, seven years old. The reason why I say that, I know that sounds weird, was because I shoplifted at the age of five. So, clearly I already had a belief in my mind that there's not enough, right, because why else would I shoplift? So, that's part of my purpose to helping you get to breakthroughs and transformation a lot sooner. Then, I always had side hustles but I didn't believe in myself and take the complete leap of faith until 2011 because of fears.


10 Transformation Tools


What are the ten tools that I would recommend? In health, there's three that I want to chat about.

1) Herbalife

If you follow me you know I talk about this all the time is Herbalife. Herbalife is the #1 Global Nutritional brand. It helped changed my life! It includes inner and outer nutrition, skin care, hair care, supplements, number one meal replacement, and in over 90 countries. I use it every single day for the last almost five years. Wow. Yeah, 2018 will be five years. So, that's something that I include in the monthly challenge, and all we do!

You can click here to get a free sneak peek with our 14 day challenge. I include that in our programs, or treats, acdemies because I am clear that if Herbalife hadn't found me, or our creator hadn't led Herbalife to me, then FIT Life Creation wouldn't exist! You wouldn't even be reading this post! My own personal growth because of the amazing community also would have never gotten to this point.


10 Transformation Tools


2) Instacart

The second tool I use quite often and especially, you guys, this was a life saver when I broke my foot surfing last year. Yes, I broke my foot surfing. I know you're probably thinking, "How is it possible that she broke her foot surfing?

Isn't that a sport in the water?" Well, just to digress from the tool for a second, it was my very first surfing lesson.

I had initially thought I was going to wait til Costa Rica but no, impatient Katrina decided to do it in California last July. Stayed persistent, kept making it through, and finally, at one point, I'm literally ... Oh, I'm on the board you guys. I'm on the board. I'm like, "Oh my God. I got this. I'm surfing." Okay? I look up and I'm like, "Hm, shore is right there."

I look down. This is all in a matter of seconds. The water was literally down to my ankle.

I think to myself - "I know the instructor said to bail but I'm a little bit afraid because there's only like this much water." Okay?

That moment of indecision my board crashes into shore and I fall backward...


Thank God, on my leg because it could have been a lot worse. I kind of come to after a couple second. I'm like, "Okay, I'm alive. I'm here." And tried to step on my foot and knew it couldn't hold the weight. Basically Googled that night, what's the main indicator that your foot is broken. Hm, you can't put weight on it. Gotta love Google.

I went to urgent care the next day and found out I had a spiral fracture. So, depending on help from neighbors, asking for help with packages, with carrying stuff, holding doors, it taught me to ask for more help, which was something I struggled with being fiercely independent. So, the tool that literally helped me so much during this time, so thank you for creating this, was InstaCart.


What Insta Cart is, is it's a grocery delivery service.


They deliver from Publix, from Whole Foods. I think in some states from Kroger. Groceries literally to your door, you guys. So, imagine broken foot, a couple times when I've been sick. I mean, it's a God send!

10 Transformation Tools


3) ClassPass

Tf you don't know what Class Pass is, oh my God, Class Pass is amazing. It's an app, you decide on a membership. I also include this with our monthly, the sneak peek for $9. They're global, and basically they join through the app all the fitness studios all around the city. So, in Atlanta, I can pick every single day from probably like 100 different fitness classes.

So, when I travel to Houston I can look and see what fitness classes they have on the app there. So, you don't actually have to have membership to each studio. You just have a membership or a set of classes that you can use are now credits with Class Pass. You can use it anywhere. So, it's a great way to kind of mix up your workout. I love to lift and I love yoga and I love dance. I have an LA Fitness membership. I have a dance membership to Dance 101 here in Atlanta but, this gives me access to mix it up even more.


Oh, and another tool that I use is InScape. That's a meditation app that you can download. I learned about them through founder made, a conference I attended in New York earlier this year. You guys, if you ever go to New York, go visit their studio. It's like domes. It's so amazing and I did the sound meditation and completely passed out. It was unreal. I meditate now twice a day no matter what, at least. So, that's the tools for health.


10 Transformation Tools


4) Mint

Now, for money. So, I mentioned I'm a CPA. I used to suck in my own money and how I untangled that web, or untangled that string. The first thing was Mint. Mint is a free app you can download it now and Mint allows you to fuse your bank account, track your budget. It's in little charts and colors. You can even get alerts for bills, alerts when you're about to go over. You can customize it for you. The first year alone I cut my spending by over 50%. Even though I'm single, when I first moved to Atlanta, I used to spend $1,000 on food between Trader Joe's and grocery shopping and eating out and drinking back then. I haven't drank now for over four years. So, Mint can really help you face what's going on.


10 Transformation Tools


5) Acorns

Acorns you can auto save, automatically, from your account for an emergency, for whatever it is into a separate account. Its a free app! Go check them out!


10 Transformation Tools


6) Live Plan

The third tool that I've used now, wow, since like 2005. So, over 12, almost 13 years, is Live Plan. It's a business plan tool. They have hundreds of templates. We use this in our academies, in our retreats and they have a financial forecasting budget sheet. So, especially for myself employed, my entrepreneurs, my boss babes, my coaches, it's an amazing tool to use to really help you stay focused on where you're headed. So, I look at every single day. For the most part, I would say at least four times a week.


10 Transformation Tools


7) Kajabi

These are a couple of tools I've put together for social media, for taking your business to the next level, for tracking your time, and things that I use.

I can not rave enough about Kajabi. You guys, I learned about Kajabi from Brendan Bruchard and Chaylene Johnson. If you don't follow them, go follow them. It's an amazing all in one marketing platform. So, how I integrate so much of FIT Life creation is an all in one transformation platform. Kajabi is an all in one marketing platform.

You can create your blogs. You can set up automated emails. You can set up emails. You can set up landing pages. Your website.

I mean, it's infinite and freaking amazing. So, check it out. They have a free 14 day trial and a free 28 day challenge that I did where they teach you how to do all those things. The subscription is $129 a month. What they gave for free for those 28 days was literally worth over three to $5,000 alone. Literally, how I created my challenges and just the value they provide in their blog post and everything. It is amazing. You can tell they really want people to succeed and they post about Kajabi heroes. That's my goal, to set up and be a Kajabi hero. So, go to my freebees and download a free guide, download my free video series with passion, to purpose, to profits. Free meal plan, several different things to help me reach that goal!


10 Transformation Tools


8) Canva

The second thing for business if you don't know about it, is Canva. Canva is a rock star social media tool, you guys. Like freaking amazing, incredible. Templates for Facebook, templates for Instagram, templates for e-books. It's literally helped me change the game in so many things. Oh, and Canva's free. Side note: Canva is completely free!


10 Transformation Tools


9) MeisterTask

The third thing in business is where I keep project management is MeisterTask. That's my project management tool, where you can visually create different folders and set up and track with deadlines what you've got on your plate. And, what I use to compliment that is Focus Matrix on my phone. It's like a four quadrant tracker that you can put things that are important and urgent versus important and not urgent, etc, to help you stay on track.


10 Transformation Tools


10) Rescue Time

Speaker 1: Then, the fourth one that I have on my business list is Rescue Time. You can track with your computer where you're spending your time and really start to hold yourself accountable.


That's the 10 lifestyle transformation tools. I hope that helps you reach the next level in your health, in your money, in your business.

Check out my free 14 day challenge below where I give you even more massive content to really help you reach the next level. Things like smart social media, jump start transformation, money maker, six pack to well, boss brand. Just to name a couple of things.

We also have some amazing events coming up in Atlanta and internationally. So, check out our event page as well. Thank you so, so much for joining. See you soon. Don't forget to subscribe, bye!


Transform + Inspire: You Were Born To.

Transform + Inspire.



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