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Feature with Joel Alpert, Chief Lightbulb MarketPowerOnline

Updated: May 16, 2019

Feature: Joel Alpert, MarketPowerOnline

Strategic + Creative Director, Structural Consultant

Business Strategy & Advisory Consulting with Robert Fritz, Inc;

Certified Professional Direct Marketer Center For Direct Marketing PDM,

Trained and worked with Direct Response industry icons and legendary consultants — including Bob Stone, Martin Baier, John Francis Tighe, Sol Blumenfeld and more.

Feature: Joel Alpert, Chief Lightbulb MarketPowerOnline

........Feature Spotlight

We talk all things on mindset, marketing, branding, social media, much much more!

We will get into:

1) How We Connected at Atlanta Tech Village and Circle of Firms Almost a year ago!

2) Mindset, Marketing, Branding, Social Media and more!