• Katrina Julia

Face Financial Fears That Hold You Back

You’ve thought about being an entrepreneur,

yet you have no idea where to start.

You already are an entrepreneur, yet the thought of

being in charge of your future still excites and terrifies you.

The concept of having financial freedom is a vision,

yet the reality feels very far away…

You know there are some things holding you back,

yet you can't pinpoint exactly what they are.

“Being Seen"

“Upper Limits”

“Internal Belief"...

may trigger some emotions, yet you aren't exactly sure what or why.

At the same time, you have a deep desire to help people and you know you can make a bigger impact, yet YOU are unsure of exactly what to do.

You are afraid of not sharing your story, your experience, and your service….So you are still reading.

You have a deep feeling that I get you because you’ve gotten this far

(and I do!) I’ve been where you are, or am currently growing through it!

For the past six years, I’ve been a full-time entrepreneur, and every financial fear and energy associated with it has been exposed (or is being exposed). Even though I had a lot of external evidence (like being a CPA + MBA, working with >7 industries before being a full-time entrepreneur, generating others 7-9 figures annually consistently, and reaching 6+ figures before 30), I still had massive fears. These mainly resulted due to chaos or instability I saw as a child with finances that I still held inside, and have been released step by step.

I thought if I had these experiences

despite a lot of external evidence,

imagine how others may feel.

What if…

What if you were able to be who you are,

share your story, and monetize your message?

What if you overcame your fears of being

seen across many platforms?