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Face Financial Fears That Hold You Back

You’ve thought about being an entrepreneur,

yet you have no idea where to start.

You already are an entrepreneur, yet the thought of

being in charge of your future still excites and terrifies you.

The concept of having financial freedom is a vision,

yet the reality feels very far away…


You know there are some things holding you back,

yet you can't pinpoint exactly what they are.

“Being Seen"

“Upper Limits”

“Internal Belief"...

may trigger some emotions, yet you aren't exactly sure what or why.


At the same time, you have a deep desire to help people and you know you can make a bigger impact, yet YOU are unsure of exactly what to do.

You are afraid of not sharing your story, your experience, and your service….So you are still reading.

You have a deep feeling that I get you because you’ve gotten this far

(and I do!) I’ve been where you are, or am currently growing through it!


For the past six years, I’ve been a full-time entrepreneur, and every financial fear and energy associated with it has been exposed (or is being exposed). Even though I had a lot of external evidence (like being a CPA + MBA, working with >7 industries before being a full-time entrepreneur, generating others 7-9 figures annually consistently, and reaching 6+ figures before 30), I still had massive fears. These mainly resulted due to chaos or instability I saw as a child with finances that I still held inside, and have been released step by step.


I thought if I had these experiences

despite a lot of external evidence,

imagine how others may feel.


What if…

What if you were able to be who you are,

share your story, and monetize your message?

What if you overcame your fears of being

seen across many platforms?

What if you shared publicly your message

and spoke online and offline?

What if you considered your financial

upbringing and highest income seen?

What if you practiced seeing and receiving

the money in advance to face fears?

What if you faced fears on being worthy

of teaching your message and receiving money?

What if you overcame the internal beliefs with

action every single day to create new patterns?


Imagine creating the life you love…

Imagine creating a business you love.

It is possible to do it. How do I know?

Because I have overcome so many of these fears, and continue to every single day.

I also share with others to do the same.


If you only do one part of the equation (internal only or external only), the results will not be what you want them to.

You will feel misaligned in various ways because you will be. I did the external only prior to being a full-time entrepreneur, and always felt like something was missing despite having exponential results. I also did the internal only in year four of being a full-time entrepreneur, then the external was missing because I wasn't marrying the two together.


When you combine facing fears internally with the external work to get the results you want, powerful things happen.


I figured it was time to share it to serve others. So, how do you do it?


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Fear 1: Being Seen

Last year, I realized how I had created an invisible ceiling from all the years I was in corporate (from 1998-2011) of being "safely seen" within each company, but not publicly beyond.

In comparison, when I was in college, I felt free and was seen in all aspects across classes, organizations, leadership, friends. At the same time, years had passed during that time.

As a result, my brain had become conditioned (like Pavlov's dog) to be "safe" in certain environments. I realized I had all these thoughts in my head the more I even started to think about getting out there more - whether it was social media, collaborating with influencers, speaking engagements (beyond my comfort zone), video and online experiences, and more.

I had thoughts like... they will judge me, who do I think I am, how am I going to make this perfect, and more...


I realized these were all trying to keep me small, and I knew that I was destined for more.

Just like you are.


Overcome Fear 1: Being Seen

So, how do you overcome this fear. The same way I did (and do), one step at a time.

1) Do more with social media. In the beginning, it will start with baby steps. As you grow in confidence, you will take more action. You will be amazed at how a year from now, you will be different (as long as you take action!).

2) Keep growing your team. You may, or may not be, growing a team with influencers. However, we are always growing a team in whatever capacity. I am growing a team of influencers, coaches, speakers, advisors, support, and tech. This requires being seen. I ask myself every week - what did I do this week to grow this? How did I approach this - with high vibes, clear instructions, and guidelines? What lessons learned could I apply to keep overcoming both being seen fears and trust.

3) Speak publicly more. This may be in person for you. This may be on video or live on social media. This may be both (I highly recommend both). In this day in age, we have access to go live for free on all social media platforms. Years ago, this would have only been accessible via paid commercials. If you are running a business of any kind - there is no reason for you to not take advantage of this. At a minimum, post even 1 video you film weekly, and go live at least once on a platform weekly! This will help you build confidence!

Even though I am a public speaker of over 15 years, I did not start doing video until last year. At first, I was terrified. I had lots of coaching from one of our influencers - Ashley Renne with Travellushes and Weekend Voyagers - thank you! Loads of practice! Then, more coaching with Brendon Burchard, I continue to think about how I want others to feel when they listen to me, and continue to hone my craft,

People think when they listen to me, I don't have fear or don't get nervous. That couldn't be further from the truth. I am also a recovering perfectionist - so that doesn't always help! I have to ask myself - did you do your best in that moment? YES Did you share something of value and joy? YES! Awesome then!


Photo credit: Nikki Candela

The fear of being seen directly impacts our finances because

that is less energy of you out there, and less people that see you.

As a result, less people that know you exist and that you can help them!


What could you start creating or doing that would transform your life now?

What could you start creating or doing that would transform your business?

What could you start creating or doing that would transform and inspire you?


Fear 2: Upper Limits

About three years ago, I realized how I had stayed within the upper limits of the highest salary my parents ever made. If you think about, that is a very typical experience for most people. We practically saw those that were the closest to us (birds of a feather) reach certain income limits. Out of both fear of going higher (fear of the unknown), and fear of surpassing them (fear of being left behind), we often stop our growth.

In comparison, when I was in high school and college, I didn't put limits on myself. I also always was grateful for every increase and raise. At the same time, when I reflected backwards I recognized that I intuitively always knew I was both worth more and capable of more. I knew the only way, I would make limitless service and potential was to work for myself.

At the same time, I had my upper limit fears strangling me,

so I learned to reframe and work around and through them.

I thought back to all the times that I had helped others make 7-9 figures, and how I disconnected from attachment as it "wasn't my money". I realized I had to do the same as an entrepreneur. I realized it truly never is "our money". We are simply stewards of the money.


Overcome Fear 2: Upper Limits

So, how do you overcome this fear. The same way I did (and do), one step at a time.

1) Give your money order before it arrives. In 2016, I created a program out of my own journey with chaos with money called the 6 Pack of Wealth (many people talk about a 6 Pack of Abs - I thought what about a 6 Pack of Wealth?) I also cover this both in our monthly mastermind - we also offer a free 14 day challenge - and then if you stick around a monthly transformation pack with tools like Herbalife #1 Nutrition, money and business tools! So, what is this order?

It is the six pack of wealth (or six behaviors of money). I separate it into spending, saving, giving, creating, investing, and leverage. Depending on your own journey and fears with money, you will walk through what is your biggest areas of struggle first. We end up in essence facing all areas in our life continuously as we grow. This helps you clear any feelings of chaos before the money comes.

2) Cast a limitless vision of service you may provide. Think about the lives you will impact. Think about the service given. Think about ways you may create or bundle for value. Think about ways you may increase relationship with people. For example, we start with freebies, then grow into guides and programs, then grow into our monthly mastermind, this is then followed by retreats, and academies in our experiences. These start from free than grow into larger dollar amounts. The prices are also a percentage of the value in each item. So from every angle, I've considered the fears, and ways we all interact with money, provided options, and countered any objections.

3) Take daily action on the plan. This may seem like a no brainer. However, the most ideas in the world still go with people to the grave. Don't let that be you. It is great to give order to your money, and create a vision. However, we must then both take the tactical action to make the vision happen AND then order the money when it arrives. Hold yourself accountable or take action with someone that will.

In working with many financial coaches, I found that very few focus on creating income. This is what I often see as the biggest struggle for many. This ties to the internal belief and worth, as well as practical examples many of us did not see.

Photo credit: Brook Hewitt


Fear 3: Internal Belief

I've learned first hand that you can have all

the external evidence in the world.

You will lose it over and over, if you don't believe it internally.


This happened over and over with savings I had, investments I made (would grow to 400%+, spending I did (one year 150%+ of my income at its worst). In essence, I kept creating situations where I would somehow lose the money or get rid of it.

The story that keeps playing in our minds in these instances is "I'm not worthy.

So, how do we override it?

With compassion and determination step by step.


Overcome Fear 3: Internal Belief

So, how do you overcome this fear. The same way I did (and do), one step at a time.

1) Reflect on your wins daily. This helps create a feeling of more than enough and worth. It creates a situation in your mind where you are ready and willing to receive because you have "earned it". It is also key to remember you are a priceless human being, and to not judge yourself as a person based on your "performance". In our culture, we often are conditioned to find our worth in our work or bank accounts.

There is no amount of money that can "buy you"

2) Feel Gratitude for everything. Every single thing matters. Too often, we are focused on the "big" wins, we negate the seemingly small wins along the way. Every single bit counts. Remember, a penny doubled for 30 days is over $10 million. It is the same with the energy we pour into doing what we love. Have faith, do the work day in day out, and trust the process.

Keep learning and growing as you go.

We've never arrived! It is a journey!


3) Override your patterns with action. When you take action despite how you feel, you literally override prior neural pathways and belief patterns. For example, you may not "feel worth" or may not yet "see" how everything is coming together. Yet, the more action you take, the more you end up "believing" it is before you see. When we put energy into something, it is inevitable.

That is why you often hear

people say "take massive action"

There are many other fears that may impact you throughout the journey. I've found these and the tips to overcome them integrate with many of the others as well in my journey, and helping others!


Photo credit: Brett Seeley


Which one of the three fears spoke to you the most - being seen, upper limits, or internal beliefs?


I would love to hear what you got from this post. Comment below and tag a friend!

Plus explore freebies that will help you more!


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