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How to Build Your Brand With Influencers

Do you find yourself curious about influencer marketing?

Do you already list yourself or your brand on platforms?

Do you watch other influencers or collaborations wishing it was you?

Do you watch other brands running campaigns and you want to grow too?

I relate ! I've been there!


I've been personally working with influencers now, since 2016, personally reaching out to over 3,000 to 5,000+ influencers whether that's been directly, or via platforms like Hype Market, Rep or Ninja.

This has resulted in running over five different campaigns, and creating an integrated influencer platform. We've had up to over 70% response rates in some of our experiences!! In January of 2018 alone, just on one platform, we had over 300 applications directly to campaigns that we actually listed.


I'll be sharing with insight into what we've learned. This will include the foundation of inspire, influence, create, and cultivate. So whether you are an influencer, or an entrepreneur that's growing your base, and your following to be an influencer, or whether you are a brand that wants to grow and inspire with influencers, this is going to help you all around.


Phenomenal Platforms will hep you build and grow!


1) Free

How do you expose yourself as an influencer? Where do you list campaigns if you are a brand? Did you know there are numerous platforms that may help you?

Some amazing free ones we've listed campaigns on are HypeMarket, Rep, and Collabor8. They are a great place to start!

Influencer Tip: Creatives almost always list themselves for free. Some platforms simply have style or follower or engagement qualifications.


2) Paid

Do you measure momentum of how many requests you get as an influencer on a platform? Do you measure metrics of your campaigns before, during, and after as a brand? This may be done manually to track return on investment. However, with both multiple social media platforms, campaigns, and influencers this may fast become very time intensive.

There are some platforms that provide metrics. Many of these often have a monthly subscription for the brand or a fee based on the campaign for brands.

Influencer Tip: Increase your possibilities to be seen by various brands by listing on multiple phenomenal platforms.


Phenomenal Platforms: Video + Free Activity



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