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Move Your Money Mindset

Are you ready to Move Your Money Mindset?


The more you move your past, present and future -

the more you MOVE your MONEY MINDSET


Have you ever thought about your past with money? Have you looked at your last 5, 10, 15 years with money? Thought about what kind of upbringing you had with money?


Our past does not define us.


We have the choice to reframe it in gratitude to create a new future. What influences did you or do you have in money? What is currently happening in your life with money? What does your present look like? There is a great chance you keep re-creating the past into your future, because of your mindset. Are you ready to free your mind from the shackles of the past?


All we have is this moment.


Have you thought about what you are doing in the present to create your future? What are your behaviors in spending, creating, saving, investing, leverage, giving? What's the next thing to focus on for transformation? I understand. I've been there.


My Money Movie:

I come from a space of:

1) Growing up with instability in money.

2) Immigrant parents who risked so much to come to this country.

3) Entrepreneur experiences I observed as a child with a lot of fear.

4) Becoming a Certified Public Accountant (and other certifications) to

"protect" myself from poverty.

5) Creating 7-11 figures for others year over year.

6) Sharing part of my passions and purpose.

7) Massive worthiness issues.

8) Cycle of gaining and losing money over and over.

9) Finally finally breaking through over four years ago to ...



Massively Move my Money Mindset.


This is to let you know where I came from and I'm still in process of my journey like we all are.


And in the beginning, I had no idea how to organize money for a flow of abundance...or so I thought. I did it for others, but had a major block of moving money for myself.

Anyone else relate?


What's Next:

Step 1:

Access the Hands on Podcast Guide on:

You will learn how to get clear on:

  • Past

  • Present

  • Future

  • Tips and Tools

You will learn incredible insight and clarity that allow you to move your money mindset in your past, present, and future so that you create the future you want. You will also learn insight into increasing clarity into your own mindset in money. A quick gauge is asking is what I am doing aligned to faith, love, and abundance or to fear, hate, and scarcity?

I want you to simply take it in and to take it one day at a time and to just take action, modify, change something, tweak something, learn something every single day.


Let's get into Episode 11 + the activity:

In case Itunes isn't updated yet with this episode click here.


What activity will you do first to move your money mindset?


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