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2017 in Review: Win and Learn

Wow! What a year! I felt like this year was like 10 years experienced in one. Did you feel like that? Have you experienced time like that - where so much went on - that you were in awe it was simply a a day, a month, or a year?

Have you paused to reflect on today, this week, month, year to see for yourself how much you've grown?


I believe it is important to pause and reflect so that we continue to move with the intention and in the direction we want to go.


It is so easy when we don't to get off course. Years ago, when I found myself over 55 lbs overweight, living part of my purpose and passion, I found that I had moved too fast without truly reflecting on what was priceless in my life. As a result, I believe it is important to reflect consistently to make sure we are filled with joy, and gauge our direction.


I encourage you to glance at this Year in Review to use it as a guide for you to complete the same for your life and business. In life, we either win or learn. It is important we celebrate our growth.


What were your wins in health?

What were your wins with family?

What were your wins with friends?

What were your wins in wealth?

What were your wins in business?

Just really start to think about that, and where you want to go in the days to come, and what is your top 10 or 15 you want to see by the end of 2018?


If we aren't clear on where we are headed, how is it possible to arrive at our desired destination?


Check out our highlights from some of our experiences in 2017. I'd love to hear from you on your success, and any insights you experienced. I'd also love to see you experience our freebies or more in growing your relationship with us!


Check out my free 14 day challenge below where I give you even more massive content to really help you reach the next level. Things like smart social media, jump start transformation, money maker, six pack to wealth, boss brand and more!

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