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5 Ways to Make Money

Nothing comes easy as they say and it also applies to making money. Money is not something that may be avoided by putting your head under the sand, or by having it consume you by only focusing on money and ignoring everything else.


It is essential to consider behaviors in creating, investing, leveraging, giving, saving and spending money. Without a true look in the mirror, it is not possible to make and sustain money.


So, let's get to it! What are five ways to make money?

Digital content, multi-level marketing, programs, retreats, and academies to spread value.


These may be applied whether you:

a) Work a full-time job and want a side hustle OR

b) You are a full-time entrepreneur and you

WANT practical application.

There are a number of ways to make money. 98%+ of the population will typically rely on hourly or salaried positions. Whether you are already an entrepreneur - on the side - or full time, it is possible to expand your vision and start with where you are. The possibilities are in believing you are creating limitless.

#1 Digital Content

All you have to do is look at any social platform to see countless people capitalizing on digital content. I would suggest checking out Brendon Burchard and Chalene Johnson. These are some I would suggest following.

It is always a great idea to integrate creating FREE content to share with:

1) Social Media e.g. FB, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Youtube, etc.

2) Complementary Brands + Features + Blogs

3) Integrate Guides + Memberships to Increase Value + Offerings.

This is what led me to create experiences like retreats that combine all aspects of transformation. That, and my utter and complete love of sharing knowledge.

I've always loved creating experiences - so I thought why not combine Getting Healthy, Making Money, and Building a Brand while helping others around the globe? Yes. Please!

#2 Multi Level Marketing

My first experience with a MLM in college with a team and company was not so pleasant. I was not aware of the aspect of growing sales to get to a certain point and not forcing the various levels. The team we came into the MLM with had us purchase large levels of inventory to help themselves grow, and didn't really teach us one on one how to sell other than attending events. It left a not so good taste in our mouths.

There are always blessings. I met two of my best friends - Janelle and Angela - and we started our own non-profit Millennium M.O.D.E.L.S. (Making Optimum Differences in Everyone's Lives at Sam) on the campus of Sam Houston State University that is still in existence today with scholarship pageants, reading programs, and more impacting the community.


Fast forward to 15+ years later, Herbalife the #1 Global Nutrition Company (in over 90+ countries) in existence for 35+ years found me the year my best friend Janelle got sick with cancer and passed. This forced me to truly look in the mirror and face whether I was living in my full passion, purpose, and potential. I not only lost >40 lbs, found passion, purpose, potential and so much more through the amazing community.


With the passion of sharing, I had the results in the first year of growing the business over 25 times on facebook alone, and then expanding with the vision of FIT Life Creation, a World of Creation with Health, Wealth, Biz in One.


Each MLM is different with various marketing plans. In general, they each have multiple streams of income, bonuses, and vacations. Herbalife is no different, and rewards us exponentially for value.

Herbalife has:

1) Retail

2) Wholesale

3) Royalties

4) Bonuses

5) Vacations

I've been blessed to so far achieve the sixth level out of the 12th. In a sense, you could say I am in middle school in this income stream about to head to high school and beyond.


#3 Programs

In order to serve and provide more value, it is essential to combine different elements. With us, we combine health, wealth, and business with tips, tools, and technology into:

30 Day - 90 Day Programs

We will soon be integrating guides, videos, group coaching and more for freebie spotlights and a monthly membership to increase value.

You could integrate various components to repackage them as programs to provide more value.


#4 Retreats

This is a phenomenal way to build depth with your clients, as well as have them get away. This is essential in creating transformation.

We have now led three retreats with a model to host 2-3 global retreats annually, and one domestically. We led retreats in Costa Rica and Cuba, and have Atlanta and Brazil coming up.

With retreats, it is important to be mindful of relationship building, value, demographic, and time. They are an incredible way to truly create a life and business you love.


#5 Academies

As you continue to develop relationships with people as well as simultaneously build your free content, guides, videos, and courses a new stream of income will open up - Academies.

These are typically 3 months - 1 year, and involve the people that want to work closest with you, and recognize the depth of your value and how much you may help them.

More importantly, the time you may save them from what you have learned from your journey.


These are all a process. Some people will focus on one income stream, and some people grow into them all. You have the freedom to create a life and business you love.

Upcoming experiences with 7 Day Transformation Test Drive, Programs,

Atlanta and Brazil, click here.

Ask about special bonuses with Brazil with purchase by May 10th!

Transform + Inspire: You Were Born To.

Transform + Inspire.


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