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Feature with Joici Souza, Journalist, Social Media, Blogger

Updated: May 16, 2019

Feature: Joici Souza, Journalist, Influencer, Blogger, Course Creator

 We love sharing the journey of creating a life and business you love.  It is about the stories and all of us relate to others in different ways! Joici is a Journalist turned Social Media, Blogger, Influencer and Course Creator in  Brazil in South America!

........Feature Spotlight

We talk all things on mindset, how we connected via Instagram and Glambassador, 

We will get into:

1) Joici's Story 2) How We Connected via Glambassador 3) Her First Collab with Us 4) How to Create and Launch Online Course in a Week + her impressions 5) Her First Course: How to Create Content that Gets Attention + Results