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How to Build Your Website

Have you struggled with technology? With all the different website tools out there? I know I used to. I know I used to be overwhelmed by all the complexity, all the ways that you could use technology together.


Build Your Website: Basics to Building


We're going to focus on four different tech tools that are separated into beginner and then into advanced so that you're crystal clear on what's out there for you. This is all about starting where you are. It is about building from the foundation of social, creating freebies, and starting to monetize numerous ways.


I'm so grateful to be able to share this with you guys because, literally, it's been over 15 years and, you guys, back in the day, I used to program and do stuff on HTML and Flash. So now, with the simplicity and things that exist, you can cut down your time and your money in setting up your boss brand and being the website wonder that you are and or that your team is going to be.


I'm going to show you, following the ending of the video, examples.