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Cuba: The 411 on Our Retreats

Updated: Jul 13, 2019

Finding the sweet spot of your life isn't easy. Especially if you are like me, and you are passionate about a lot. As my own clarity and focus has grown over the past four months exponentially, this has trickled into all areas of life - of course including the business.

Our first retreat in Costa Rica was focused on making it a marketing event. As the concept has grown, I realized we should increase the invitations from influencers and ambassadors to invite their followers! We just started this about a month ago, and I realized the time may be short for most. However, the faith and energy were out there.

We are definitely seeing interest turn, and expect the dynamics of our retreats in Atlanta and Brazil in May and September will include increases in participants overall! I am super excited about this!

So with that - you are probably curious. So, let's talk about Cuba: and the 411 on Our Retreats.

I leave for Cuba tomorrow for 2.5 weeks!

During the first retreat from 2/15-2/20, we have Ashley Renne with Travellushes and Marissa Pederson with Postcardstoseattle joining us as influencers transforming + inspiring in travel, health, wealth, and business; helping us expose our brand; and growing their ambassadorship how they choose freely.

During the second retreat from 2/22 - 2/27, we have Carly with Light Travels, Jen with Social Girl Traveler, and videographers from Weekend Voyagers!!!

I am super excited to experience this immersion experience to create a life + business you love with these amazing people, have them host workshops and doing it all in Cuba!!

So what will we be doing?!!!

Day 1

Welcome + Swag



Space Creator

Taming Time

Seven Steps to Success

Photoshoot Prep

This will be followed by an incredible Cuban Dinner (healthy of course) + a visit to a local photography school to share our insight on videos, blogging, and business and giving back!!

With what we are creating with FIT Life Creation

Follow Love in All We Do

Impact People

Transform the Mind

and developing non profits, integrating service and donating 10% of our sales is extremely important and non-negotiable in all we do.

Day 2

This day will start off with an optional meditation + Cuban Breakfast including healthy smoothies with Herbalife.

We will then jump into an incredible workshop on Fly By Nutrition including grocery lists, recipes, workouts, habits, meal and workout plans!

We will then get to do a photography + business shoot with Alex of Cuban Lifestyle + Wedding Photography! Super excited to shoot all the bright colors in Cuba!!

We will then jump into a Cuban Classic Car with Old Car Tours and explore all around Cuba!

We will wrap up the day with a workshop: 6 Pack of Wealth + Social + Cuban Dinner + Vision Experience!

Day 3

We will start the day off with a yoga workshop and a yummy healthy breakfast with Herbalife smoothies,. We will then head to a nearby beach. We will have some free time + do one of our workshops " Creating Retreats" at the beach!!!

Once we return to the villa, we will do another workshop "Billions in Our Brains" on building a lifestyle brand.

We will wrap up this day with salsa dancing and dinner at Jardines del 1830 along the water!!

Day 4

This day we will be exploring...under the sea! Vara Diving Club will be taking us to sites in Cuba to snorkel and/or scuba dive!!! I am also a certified scuba diver and so is Marissa, and the Weekend Voyager team!!

We will wrap up this day with Creating Limitless and a Content Strategy Session. We will then have a with a spa experience !!

Day 5:

We will have some downtime in the morning to reflect on all the transformation + inspiration + experiences individually + collectively. The group will then head to the airport!

The healthy lifestyle immersion retreat experience included:

Private villa stay

Healthy chefs

Herbalife nutrition supplements + swag (all part of our programs)

Workshop peaks into academies from Purpose to Profits to Billions in Our Brains and more

Adventure with Car Tours + Snorkel / Scuba

This provided an opportunity for each person to personally experience creating a life + business they love, while also experiencing an immersion experience with our brand.

Transform + Inspire: You Were Born To

For more details on experiences, click here.

Keep Creating Limitless because that is what YOU are.

Transform + Inspire.

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