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5 Ways to Do Business with Friends and Increase Value

I am a woman who loves our creator, inspiring, travel, fashion, friends, business, and money. What about you? We connect with others with what we love. It makes us more than a business, it makes us human.

As a result, relationships grow and business gets easier. We feel like we are connecting with friends. So, how can you increase value while doing business with friends?


1) Share Information

With our friends, we give information freely. It should be no different when building a business. This could be done through any and all of the following

  1. Create Videos

  2. Start Your YouTube Channel

  3. Create Your Blog

  4. Send Email Blasts

  5. Share on Social Media


2) Share Yourself

When we share ourselves vulnerably, that is priceless. It helps all of us realize we are not alone, and someone may help or is going or has gone through the same things.

1. Share Your Passions

2. Be a Friend

3. Share Beyond What You Sell

4. Be Vulnerable

3) Give More, Take Less

Let people see your heart. Trust our creator and the universe will reward you for giving freely. Know you are worth it, and be open to receiving.

  1. Create Free Opt Ins

  2. Create Free Guides

  3. Create Social Challenges

  4. Create Media Collaborations

  5. Help + Teach Others

4) Grow with Friends

Whether clients, or partners, grow with people you would be friends with. Who shares similar interests? Who could you help? Who could help you? Don’t be afraid to create magic with like minded souls.

  1. Create press collaborations

  2. Create press trips

  3. Trade services

  4. Create masterminds

  5. Create mentorships

5) Create Your Tribe

Believe you are amazing, and others are just as amazing as you are. Reach out from that positive vibe energy and place. Trust the Process.

  1. Create Discovery Calls

  2. Create Webinars

  3. Create Ads + Freebies

  4. Create Incentives

These are all some of the steps I’ve taken in growing a lifestyle brand. I hope this helps spark some ideas + actions to take. Keep it simple. Choose 3 actions and get going!

The journey has been amazing, and its just getting started.



Transform + Inspire: You Were Born To.

Transform + Inspire.


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