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Money Making Mindset

One of the hardest shifts for many people to make is a money making mindset shift for both yourself AND other people. It is a result of years of habits, conditioning, and worthiness.

I know first hand what this is like, and the mental muscle it takes.

I want to share with you a checklist I go through daily.

This is a result of teachings from our creator, Herbalife Herbaheroes, Chalene Johnson, Brendon Burchard, Dani Johnson, and several others. It truly takes a village.



1) Faith

Regardless of your belief system and what you believe, it takes believing in the unseen before it happens. Hebrews 11:1. It takes choosing to create what does not yet exist for people that you have not yet served. When you work for a company, it is easier because you see the clients, or your boss tells you to do something.

You have to literally rewire your programming. Romans 12:2.

Every moment, I ask myself am I operating from faith? Anything is possible!


2) Habits

It is easier to have a side hustle, while you have a full time gig giving you ongoing pay. It is easier to step by step transition from one to the other so you don't lose the habits of getting up every day, taking daily action, and accountability.

I did it the hard way and went pretty much cold turkey from a six figure income to having about 10% income set up and building from that. However, I truly believe everything is co-created for you at the exact right time.

I was tired of working for others and their passions and purpose vs. creating my own. My soul said it was time so I went after it regardless of what I saw in the practical sense. Your journey is custom created for you to help others! Trust the process!

3) Persistence

Keep trying! You either win or your learn! Don't let your successes go to your head or your failures to your heart. Stay humble, keep learning, and keep going!

Some things will be easier for you vs. some will be easier for others.

Basically, it's simple:

1) Take pride in what you do well and help others in those areas.

2) Get inspired by those that do other things well and learn from them!

3) Don't take guidance from someone you wouldn't trade places with.


There are certain things that are easy for you, things you love, things you've overcome, and areas you want to impact. This is what I call Purpose2Profits.

I am able to have clarity around this because I started going through this transformation journey in 2010. It is a moment by moment process. I first walked through my passions, than my purpose, than now people and profits. Simultaneously, finding clarity in my spirit, my soul, my mind, and my body.

There are challenges at every level. The journey never ends. The beauty is the journey and the growth. We were designed and created to grow limitlessly.


You are here for a purpose. You matter. Everything you do matters. I am also a believer that nothing is by accident.

Just like others have inspired me, I hope this inspires you. I hope this inspires you to believe you are created to inspire others that may need to learn or hear things in your voice from you because of who you are, and all of your experiences.


There is more than enough love in the world for every single person.




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