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3 Tips to Build Your Brand

Building a Brand or a Business is building a relationship. In fact, that is what truly comes first.

Ask Yourself:

1) How Do I Connect?

2) How Do I Communicate?

3) How Do I Relate?

These will then lead you to discover for yourself how you want people to:

1) Feel

2) Experience

3) View

through the relationship + brand you create visually.


As a result, photography and videography are very important as visuals to creating the story.

In shooting recently with Morgan Hayes Photography in Atlanta, the purpose behind the portfolio, photography, and extensive use of content was what was running through my mind.

It is important for you to shoot with photographers that will listen and adapt to create your story. Morgan is amazing at this!!

The first focus:

What do I want people to feel?

What do I want them to experience?

How do I want people to view us?


I want people to feel that there is hope + transformation + inspiration is possible.

This is a key reason for the bright colors, meaning behind each color, tie ins to emotion, testimonials, and insight behind the scenes. Recent IG post.


I want people to experience connection + transformation.

The vulnerability, sharing, and insight into the journey is paramount in this. The creating of experiences in challenges, programs, retreats, and academies and constant evolution is essential.

Recent IG post.


I want people to view us as a go to and one stop for

a. Getting healthy

b.Making money

c. Building a brand

On their road to creating a life they love + giving back.


As a result, the feeling, experience, and view are all extremely important, and should be considered alongside the display and distribution of the content.


For this photo shoot alone, the use is for Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, guides, and courses.

I highly recommend you consider the use for photography before simply shooting. This will help you, and the photographer (Morgan - amazing photographer in this case!)

showcase their best work!

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Transform + Inspire: You Were Born To.

Transform + Inspire.

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