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How Herbalife Helps Your Health

I get questions when it comes to my nutrition like:

1) Why Herbalife?

2) How I use Herbalife as a tool to help my health stay on track?

The answers:

1) Easy to Use.

#1 Global Nutritional Brand.

Options with Meal Replacements, Skin Care, Hair Care, Athletic Line.

2) ALL the time in MANY Ways.

It's simple. ABC 123 Simple Daily.

1) I take 2 amazing shakes a day.

2) I take several energy + vitamin supplements.

3) I use daily hair + skin care (Herbalife Skin + Clarifying)

4) I use several protein snacks with Herbalife

5) I use the Herbalife 24 Athletic Line.


My current go to's Pumpkin Spice + Banana Caramel (sometimes together).

This means 24+g of protein to make sure I maintain lean muscle mass.

I also get questions of do I always have a blender? NO.

I love making them in a blender, but sometimes on the go I don't have one.

Sometimes, I have a shaker cup with a ball that blends it.

Sometimes, I love simply adding water and making a pudding type shake.

My current favorite are smoothie bowls (extra thick with an added scoop / 9g of protein) with fruits / oats on top.

Energy + Vitamin Supplements:

Liftoff - Vitamin C + B12 Energy Tablets with Water

Tea - Thermogenic (My faves are Cinnamon and Pomegranate Green Tea)

Multivitamin, Omega 3's, Restore (Anti Muscle Soreness), Cell Activate, Relax Now

Hair + Skin Care:

I use daily hair + skin care.

Basic Skin Care: Aloe Cleansing, Firming Eye Gel, Berry Scrub, Mint Mask (2x a week)

PLUS Clarifying our new line: I love the blackhead gel. I use it on my nose daily + T Zone.

PLUS Aloe based shampoo + conditioner.

All the products are aloe vera based.

Protein Snacks

My all time favorite is Beverage Mix in Wild Berry. It is 14g of Pure Protein + super easy to mix with some water. It literally tastes like kool-aid without all the sugar!! We had it all during our retreat in Costa Rica + everyone loved it!!! Learn more about our retreats to create a life + business you love!

Herbalife 24 Athletic Line

What I use on a daily basis include Herbalife Rebuild with 24g of a tri-core protein blend including a fast release for lean muscle and slow release protein. I also use CR7 (electrolytes + hydration) on a daily basis, and prepare (pre-workout) on an ongoing basis.

Cristiano Renaldo (top soccer player in the world) is one of our athletes as well!

So, what are options for you?

1) You could get Herbalife products on your own + get bonus grocery list + meal + workout plan + more!

2) You could start a full transformation program with health I wealth I business tools + products!

How Herbalife has helped me?

Herbalife has helped me through:

1) Losing >40 lbs.

2) Adding >10 lbs of lean muscle

3) Maintaining my weight when I broke my fibula a few months ago.

It literally has been a tool that is key to my success.

My next goal is to add 10 lbs. of lean muscle mass in 2017.

Keep it simple. Find tools that work. Set yourself up for success.

Start gaining your energy back and stop making excuses like "I don't have time".

Often, if we don't make time life has a funny way of forcing you to make the time if your body develops an illness.

You have this body. Treat it right. It is the only place you live.


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