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Goal Getter Groceries

As you step up to put the fitness into your financial or business world, it is key to set yourself up for success.

This week's tool is simple. A healthy grocery list set up by all the nutrients your body needs

(Protein, Complex Carbs, and Healthy Fats). So what should you do? Screenshot it, Print It Out, and head to your local Kroger, Publix, Wholefoods, take your pick.

Or even better yet, download the handy app Instacart and save the time and have the groceries delivered to your door! YES, you read that right.nI used them a lot a few months ago when I broke my fibula, and didn't want to bug my friends too too much.

You order on the app and someone delivers your groceries. It's like the uber for groceries! Easy. Peasy.

Now, put the fitness into your life. Start gaining your energy back and stop making excuses like "I don't have time".

PERIOD. I won't take them, and neither should you.

If you want to learn more about getting started on a program to transform your health, wealth, and business with tools + technology, click here to learn more!

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