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How to Create Retreats: Bali Retreats Love, Create, Play Behind the Scenes

If you are a Multi-Passionate Entrepreneur, Creator and CEO who is curious about how to create retreats and has even thought about retreats, this is for you.

I am taking you behind the scenes with my Creator and CEO Retreats with Bali Retreat: Love, Create, Play in October 2024

Bali Retreat for Creators and CEOs: Love, Create, Play

The Bali Retreat for Creators and CEOs Love, Create, Play Retreat in Bali is all about everything you desire with creating and freedom.

It is about self-love with incredible experiences in Bali with wellness like floating breakfasts, flower baths, and surprises along the way.

The retreat artfully immerses you in a creator experience like no other with wellness, wealth, marketing, business and travel in Bali Retreat: Love, Create, Play.

So you might be curious on what a day by day basis looks like with our retreats. So glad you asked because this is for the creators and CEOs.

Day 1 of the Creator and CEO Retreat

Day one includes arriving in a luxury villa for your Creator CEO retreat. For the Bali Retreat, this is Nativ Living Villa or a similar luxury villa.

I have created and launched retreats since 2016 in Costa Rica, Barcelona, London, and Cuba for Creator CEOs. I have been a public speaker and created events for 15+ years from 7 people to 10,000 including planning and managing World of SHSU Cultural Festival and Homecoming at Sam Houston State University.

Whether it is the Bali Retreat or others, the intention, style, and layout of the retreat for Creators and CEOs is the same.

Day 1 of the Creator CEO Retreats includes a beautiful welcome dinner, meet and greet, and workshop on How Passion + Purposes = Profits.

Day 2 of the Creator and CEO Retreat

On day 2, you arise in your magical villa to start the day with an incredible wellness experience with smoothie bowls and floating breakfasts. We take it a step beyond with meal plans, chef experiences, and workouts in your wellness experience.

Move Over @emilyinparis, @limitlessglobalgirl Has Arrived!

I’m thrilled to share that there’s a fresh journey unfolding on our radar, one that outshines the cityscape charm we’ve adored with @emilyinparis.

It's time to welcome @limitlessglobalgirl’s captivating escapades, as #KatrinainBali takes us on a voyage to the heart of Indonesia’s enchanting paradise.

Imagine waking up to the serene beauty of Bali, where every moment is a whisper of the island's ancient mysteries and its vibrant, pulsating culture.

Join me as I embark on breathtaking adventures that will make every wanderlust heart skip a beat.

From the exhilarating thrill of swinging high above the emerald canopy to the wonders of waterfalls, every experience is a discovery of Bali’s soul.

Picture this: Waking up in a Balinese Villa co-creating your dreams and desires to your own Instagram worthy floating breakfast with The Bali Agent.  Our journey is only beginning.  

Imagine for a moment that tomorrow isn't just another day.


Imagine waking up not to the jarring sound of your alarm, but to the serene whispers of Bali, the Island of the Gods.


Envision yourself opening your eyes to a floating breakfast, a sumptuous feast for both your taste buds and your Instagram feed, set against the backdrop of a private infinity pool blurring the lines between azure waters and sky.


This isn't just a dream. This could be your reality.


A day so profoundly immersive that it promises to be the MOST productive day you've EVER experienced—where productivity isn't measured by tasks ticked off a list but by strides made towards inner harmony and renewed purpose. And guess what?


 It GETS to feel SO good.


Your day in Bali isn't just about the luxury of a floating breakfast; it's a journey through self-discovery and rejuvenation:

8 am: Self-Love Smoothie Bowls + Floating Breakfast - Begin your day harmonizing your body and soul with the most nourishing and visually stunning breakfast experience.

After the wellness experience, we dive into wealth experiences with business plans, financial forecasts, and my 6 Pack of Wealth. To increase alignment to abundance, we integrate community service to give back to the country we are in. In Bali, we will likely do Keep Bali Beautiful, a recycle project.

10 am Purification Ceremony and Lunch Cleansing not just your body, but your spirit, readying you for a journey of transformation as you partake in ancient practices surrounded by nature's unparalleled beauty.

3 pm Create a Vision for Your Life - With your senses heightened and your soul stirred, it's time to envision the life awaiting you. A workshop designed to stretch your spirit, soul, mind, and body, guiding you to manifest your dreams into reality.

In all of our transformational retreats, we give back. In Costa Rica, we did a day and donation at a Animal Rescue Center. In Cuba, we donated 4 scholarships and spoke at a photography school.

Each day at the retreats, we have food prepared by a chef that is healthy and we eat every three hours. We usually eat out 1-3 times during the retreats for the cultural experience.

Additionally, we have downtime integrated in every day. to create space, and free time after dinner.

Day 3 of the Creator and CEO Retreat

As the sun rises on Day 3 of our Love, Create, Play Retreat in Bali, we may hardly contain my excitement for the transformative experiences awaiting us.


Imagine yourself here, amidst the lush landscapes and vibrant culture of Bali, ready to embark on a day filled with purpose, creativity, and community.


Morning: Giving Back to the World  + Lunch

Our day begins at 8 am with a heartwarming community service experience, Keep Bali Beautiful, offering you the chance to connect with the local culture and give back in a meaningful way.


This moment of selflessness not only enriches the lives of the Balinese community but also fills your own heart with an unmatched sense of abundance and gratitude. 


P.S. This day alone is valued at over $100k when you #CREATEIT. Don't let this be the dream that got away. Secure your spot now and transform your tomorrow. Payment plans are available to make your journey to Bali as effortless as your days here will be. Let’s create magic together!

Afternoon: 6 Pack of Wealth + Financial Forecasts

After a nourishing lunch, we dive deep into the world of wealth at 1 pm. Our 6 Pack of Wealth and Business Plans workshop is designed to provide you with the financial insights and strategies to elevate not just your business, but your entire way of living. This hands-on session promises to shift your passion, purpose, people, and profits.


Launching and Content Creation

At 3 pm, we transition into our Launch and Content Like a Boss workshop, geared towards empowering you with the tools and tactics to effectively create and share your story with the world. 


Whether you're dreaming of launching your first product or scaling your business to new heights, this interactive session will help you launch like a BOSS with B2B2C, AI, and ChatGPT!


Evening: Dinner and Surprises

As the day winds down, we gather for dinner at 5 pm, a time to reflect on the day’s achievements and forge deeper connections with our fellow retreat-goers. Expect a few surprises that promise to delight and inspire, rounding off a day that is truly priceless.


Imagine immersing yourself in this blend of cultural enrichment, financial mastery, and creative empowerment.  


Day 3 at the Bali Retreat isn't just another day; it's a step towards becoming the most empowered version of yourself, surrounded by the beauty of Bali and the camaraderie of like-minded women.


Are you ready to experience this life-changing journey? To feel the shifting of your spirit, soul, mind, and body towards an abundance that flows as freely as the Balinese rivers? Let's make this dream a reality.


5 pm: Dinner + Surprise- As the sun dips below the horizon, gather for an evening of connection and surprises, celebrating the day's journey and the path that lies ahead.


Imagine waking up in Bali to shift and stretch not just your body but your very being. Your senses are not just awakened—they are heightened, and every cell in your body rejoices. The floating breakfast you've adored on Instagram? It's now a moment you’re living, a delightful start to a day carved out for you.


This isn't merely a retreat. It's a doorway to the life you've always dreamed of, a chance to dine, discover, and dive deep into the essence of who you are and who you are becoming.


Are you ready to transform your tomorrow? Are you prepared to embark on a journey that promises rejuvenation, insight, and an unshakeable connection with your higher self? Bali is calling. Your spirit is answering. Let's make this vision your reality.



You will love Launch Like a Boss with 5 Steps to Launch with IO, AI, and ChatGPT.

Day 4 of the Creator and CEO Retreat

We continue content and course creation at our luxury villa with coworking and hot seat days. This includes outlining your launches for 30-90 days with brands, emails, blogs, shows, and social media.

Dive into an experience where dreams and ambition meet amidst the breathtaking landscapes of Bali. Here, your journey transcends the ordinary, offering not just a retreat but a launching pad for your aspirations as an influencer and creator.


"We had the chance to build our own business as influencers and creators. With health, wealth, and business workshops focused on exposure and expansion, every moment was a step towards our true potential. And yes, we had our own photographer making each memory tangible!"


But it's more than just learning and growth; it's about connection. 


Are you ready to be part of a story where your growth is integrated with genuine connections and community?

Day 5 of the Creator and CEO Retreat

Imagine waking up in Bali, where every cell in your body buzzes with anticipation for the day ahead.

Today, you don't just wake up; you rise, ready to be drenched in awe and child-like wonder. Today, you set an intention not just to observe but to truly receive all the beauty and majesty the Island of the Gods has to offer.


Your day unfolds with an adventure to the iconic Bali Rice Fields, where emerald stretches of tranquility and heritage meet under the sky.


There’s something about standing amidst these ancient fields that resets the soul, grounding you to the earth while lifting your spirit to the heavens. 

And then, the Bali Swing awaits, where you’ll soar over jungles and valleys, a moment of pure exhilaration that reminds you of freedom's true taste.

Refreshment comes not just in spirit but in form, as you visit the magical Tirta Empul. This isn't just about witnessing tradition; it’s about being part of a living, breathing moment of purification that has been ongoing for centuries.


The water, clear and inviting, offers you a cleansing that transcends the physical, touching the very essence of your being.


But the beauty of Bali doesn't stop there; it cascades onward to awe-inspiring waterfalls that capture the heart and the imagination. There’s something profoundly powerful about standing in front of a waterfall, feeling the mist on your skin, and hearing the roar of nature’s force. In these moments, surrounded by the majesty of Bali’s nature, all else falls away, leaving a sense of wonderment.

7 am to 5 pm, our journey through Ubud's highlights, accompanied by videographers, ensures that these moments of awe and abundance are captured not just in our hearts but for the world to witness. Today's adventure is more than an itinerary; it's a journey back to ourselves, overflowing with the awe and wonder that life is meant to be lived in.


As the sun dips below the horizon, painting the sky in hues of fire and tranquility, know that today was just the beginning of discovering the endless magic Bali has to offer.


With every step, every breath, and every heartbeat, let's embrace the extraordinary, letting our spirits soar as freely as the Bali Swing over the island's enchanting landscape.


Here’s to overflowing with awe,


What are you waiting for? 


Bal is calling you to answer with Love, Create, Play.

Day 6 of the Creator and CEO Retreat

As we step into Day 6 of our transformative journey here in Bali, the air itself seems to vibrate with creativity and possibility.

You've been immersed in an environment designed to awaken the most authentic and powerful version of yourself, and today, that energy is more palpable than ever.

Imagine the sunrise gently coaxing you into wakefulness, its rays promising a day of not just dreaming, but doing.

Morning Flow & Breakfast: 8 am

Start your day with a morning flow that aligns your spirit, soul, mind, and body, setting a powerful intention for the day. Then, nourish your body with a breakfast that's not just food, but fuel, preparing you for the incredible work ahead.


Launch, Content & Course Creation Flex: 9 am

This morning session is dedicated to the seamless integration of your launch strategy with your content and course creation. Imagine yourself moving with ease and grace, the pieces of your Creator CEO puzzle fitting together in perfect harmony.

Videos Like a Boss: 10 am

Step into the spotlight with confidence as you create videos that encapsulate your brand's essence. From sales pitches to course snippets and heartfelt testimonials, you're not just seen; you're remembered.


Lunch: 11 am

Refresh and recharge with a meal that celebrates the flavors of Bali, giving you a moment to bask in the progress you've made and the journey still ahead.


Content Creation / VIP Sessions: 12 - 3 pm

Dive deep into content creation with the support of our VIP sessions. This is your time to craft, curate, and crystallize your vision.


90-Day Plan & Future Retreats: 3 pm

As our day begins to wind down, we'll map out your next 90 days and discuss upcoming retreat opportunities, ensuring your Creator CEO journey continues with momentum, support, and inspiration.


Each moment of today is designed with intention, enabling your flow state to thrive. The ease and expansiveness you're experiencing? It's no accident. 


It's the result of diving into destiny in the beauty that is Bali.


Today, you're not just working on your business; you're creating a legacy. 


A legacy that's as vibrant and limitless as the Balinese sunset. 


Let's embrace this day with the knowledge that in Bali, dreams don't just come true; they are surpassed.


To creation, to legacy, to you,


Bali is calling. Will you answer?

Day 7 of the Creator and CEO Retreat

Imagine you have experienced the entire Bali: Love, Create, Play Retreat. 

Now, you have come to the last full day. The perfect adventure day in Bali, blending the best of both worlds: a day at the stunning Uluwatu Panang Panang Beach followed by a relaxing spa experience.

Morning: Uluwatu Panang Panang Beach   

Imagine starting your day with the golden rays of the sun warming your skin as you step onto the soft sands of Uluwatu Panang Panang Beach. The crystal-clear turquoise waters invite you for a refreshing swim or a thrilling surf session. 

Whether you prefer lounging under a palm tree with a good book or exploring the vibrant marine life with some snorkeling, this beach offers something for everyone. 

Don't forget to capture the breathtaking views from the cliffs—it's a sight you won't want to miss!  

Afternoon: Beachside Lunch & Exploration

After a morning of fun in the sun, treat yourself to a delicious beachside lunch. Savor the flavors of fresh seafood and tropical fruits while enjoying the gentle sea breeze. Perhaps take a leisurely walk along the shore, collecting seashells and soaking in the serene atmosphere.

 If you're feeling adventurous, you could explore the nearby cultural sites or simply relax and let the beauty of Bali wash over you.

Indulgent Spa Day   

As the day winds down, it's time to pamper yourself with a luxurious spa experience. Imagine a soothing massage with the calming sounds of the ocean in the background, followed by a refreshing facial and a dip in a fragrant flower bath.

The skilled therapists will ensure you leave feeling rejuvenated and blissful. This is the perfect way to unwind and reflect on a day well spent.

This is how we end the Bali Love, Create, Play Retreat—immersed in nature's beauty, refreshed and inspired.  

Bali's natural beauty and tranquil vibes make it the ideal destination for such an adventure. I can already picture the memories we'll create and the relaxation we'll enjoy.

Day 8 of the Creator and CEO Retreat

This is the day that brings the Bali Creator CEO Retreat to a close. We have an incredible breakfast and depart for the airport.

How to Create Retreats

If creating retreats is something that is calling to you, it is time to #CREATEIT

Whether you're a multi-passionate entrepreneur, Creator, or CEO,

it is time to unleash your inspiration if you are a creator who loves. creating, community

and cash to #CREATEIT Like a Boss?

Beyond the Retreats:

Use Code: CREATEITxTheBaliAgent with discount 5% for selected villas. 

Minimum booking of 3 nights

(except for late December and early January, where the minimum booking is 7 nights).


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