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Have Fun with Money

Are you ready to have Fun with Money?

Are you ready to take a leap of faith?


The more you have fun with money, the more wealth is attracted to you!


I'm going to be sharing with you ways to elevate your energy with money and have fun!

To get started, One specific example for me is Monopoly - board game with investing money in properties and banking!

I loved Monopoly ever since I've been a young child. I loved playing banker. I loved purchasing properties. I loved landing on free parking. If you played the game, that's where you get a whole bunch of money depending on if you played. It's basically a fun game with money.

About six months ago, I remembered how much I loved monopoly. I got the board game again. During one of my 90 day retreat getaways, I put playing Monopoly on the agenda! My whole vibe with money began to elevate again!


Another example is scrapbooking! I've created my whole financial vision with the 6 Pack of Wealth (creating, saving, giving, investing, leverage, and spending) in my scrapbook and update it at least monthly!


What could that be for you to have fun with money?

Let's get into it and let's start having fun with creating income.


Let's get into Episode 9 + the activity:


What activity will you do first to transform your mind?


Do you want more into transformation + inspiration in health + wealth + business?

Create with us in our 14 day free challenge in the club to start!


Take a peak at the our Freebies



Transform + Inspire: You Were Born To.

Transform + Inspire.



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