• Katrina Julia

Face Four Fears Holding You Back

Let's get into four fears that may be holding you back.

Energy ties into our fears, and the ways that we show up.

You've probably heard the phrase, "your energy introduces you when you walk into a room."

So, think about that.

Think about, do you always show up with joy?

Do you always show up with service?

Do you always show up with gratitude?

Do you always show up with value?

If not, there's a good chance that fear, or lack, is driving how you're showing up. When I say that, I say that to myself, and I also had to look at myself and continue to look at myself in the mirror all the time.

This past year was me breaking through so many limiting beliefs, so many fears, and so much time and investment that I took in this area. I was also a student of abundance with Christie Marie Sheldon with Abundance through MindValley Academy. I was also a study with Sherina Mayani with Energy Edits. I was also a student of Michelle Lowbridge, with Wealthology. I also became Reiki Certified.

I am a student and constantly breaking through barriers in facing fears too!

I want you to assess the fear of failure. Fear of failure will often stop people, myself included in the past, from doing something.

Because it's almost like a tape is playing of why bother, or I can't figure it out, or that's great for them, or that's great for this person, but how could that be me? How could I be worthy?

How can you not be worthy? You've got incredible gifts inside of you. You've got so much value, and so it's reframing that fear of failure, and realizing we all start somewhere, and instead of failure, you win or you learn.

Next, think about the fear of regret.