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How Passion Plus Purpose Equals Profits

So with what you love, what do you want to create?

Do you create certain challenges?

You want to create guides, retreats, academies.?

Do you want to expand your business into a different way, or into a different arena that you haven't thought of before?


Where do you want to impact in the sense of what do you want to help people with? So for example, I love helping people with getting healthy, with making money, with building brands. But that spirals into so many different themes.


How do you want to serve?


What do you want to do with your money? How do you want to direct it?


If you start operating in that mindset right away, even now even if you don't have more than enough, that's actually what attracts it to you. So when we reframe that and realize that there's people that have a lot less, it becomes very different and our perspective changes. And so with that, operating from a sense of more than enough money.


So years ago I already started purposing my profits to help in homelessness, to help military vets, to help battered women, and to help end cancer.

So that I know as things grow:

1) We always give back a minimum of 10%.

2) More flows into that to even creating non-profits.


If you click on our Events page, part of our entire platform also serves as a fundraising platform where people can custom create or align a challenge, retreat or an academy to fundraise. There's a video from one event that we actually held here at this event space back in 2015 to create awareness and give back to homelessness in Atlanta.