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How Passion Plus Purpose Equals Profits

So with what you love, what do you want to create?

Do you create certain challenges?

You want to create guides, retreats, academies.?

Do you want to expand your business into a different way, or into a different arena that you haven't thought of before?


Where do you want to impact in the sense of what do you want to help people with? So for example, I love helping people with getting healthy, with making money, with building brands. But that spirals into so many different themes.


How do you want to serve?


What do you want to do with your money? How do you want to direct it?


If you start operating in that mindset right away, even now even if you don't have more than enough, that's actually what attracts it to you. So when we reframe that and realize that there's people that have a lot less, it becomes very different and our perspective changes. And so with that, operating from a sense of more than enough money.


So years ago I already started purposing my profits to help in homelessness, to help military vets, to help battered women, and to help end cancer.

So that I know as things grow:

1) We always give back a minimum of 10%.

2) More flows into that to even creating non-profits.


If you click on our Events page, part of our entire platform also serves as a fundraising platform where people can custom create or align a challenge, retreat or an academy to fundraise. There's a video from one event that we actually held here at this event space back in 2015 to create awareness and give back to homelessness in Atlanta.


At the time I didn't have any of this. I didn't have challenges, I didn't have retreats, I didn't have academies. I literally had Fit Life Creation just born as a baby. I was doing Herbalife, and I had a consulting company where I was helping people with chief audit exec services, and chief operating officer services. So I was already envisioning and manifesting, and creating this way back when.


What could you create? How could you serve?


Here are some practical ways to build and grow your foundation.


1) Marketing

What's the intension in your marketing? This means, what energy and what feeling do you want people to feel when they look at your social media? When they look at your website? When they look at your blog? So for us and for me, the reason why we have colors of pink, blue and green is very intensional. It's passion, it's purpose, and it's limitlessness. It's abundance, it's flow. We want people to feel transformed and inspired. So what do you want people to feel with that intension?

Can people find you on multiple platforms?

Social media platforms, course platforms, ebook platforms, numerous entrepreneurial sites.


Is your heart equivalent to your hustle?

Are you leaving anything out?


This goes back to your passion and purpose. Is there something that you love that you're not sharing? Is there something that's part of your purpose that you overcome that you're not talking about? Could you be out there more? Could you pitch for more podcasts? Could you pitch for speaker opportunities? Could you submit different offerings for brands for travel, for articles? What are some complimentary channels? So I want you to think about lives.

We live in a day and age that is absolutely incredible. We can do lives at the drop of a dime on social channels that are free. Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter. I mean, you name it, we can do it. One of my main goals this year is to be live on a platform at least once a week, and then increase that once I get consistent. What channels are you on as I illustrated? Think about ads, but I would suggest you think about ads after you exhaust all these multiple free avenues.

And then think about collabs that you could do. Whether it's other YouTubers, other Instagrammers, there are Facebookers, other Twitters, whatever it is.

In the Smart Social Media guide within our clubs and academies, we cover even more platforms, apps, different things that you can be on to generate even more collabs and community for people that are very like-minded, and are looking for the same type of collabs, and or brands. Just to give you an illustration, on one platform alone I generated over 300 responses in the last month!!!


I want you to think about exponential and limitless growth.


2) Value

What do you offer people? What kind of value are you generating out there? Are you generating social media reach? Are you generating blogs? Are you generating ebooks? Are you generating lives? Are you generating expertise and insight on various platforms? Whether it's podcasts, apps, brands, speaking, all kinds of things. Are you offering programs? Are you growing exponentially? And by that I mean on every single platform that you're on, or always thinking about other ways to grow. And never ever getting comfortable. How are you different? If you're a blogger or a coach, or an influencer, or whatever you are, how are you different?

This points back to the passion and purpose. By sharing your story and by sharing more of who you are, that sets you apart and draws even more your tribe to you. Do you offer empowerment and possibility? Do you offer solutions? So if you're a blogger, are you offering people insight and growth into how to build a blog, how you started a blog, how to set up collabs with brands.

A one, two, three, A, B, C ebook. A one, two, three, A, B, C course. If you're a coach, are you offering multiple value components for people to engage with you?

3) Results

What do your results look like? What bonuses are you offering to people that work with you, to where your retention is crazy amazing. You guys, and several companies I've worked with, I've had retention rates of 95%. Because I believe in always, always, always over-delivering.

Trusting that God and the universe will give that back to you tenfold when you give it with a selfless heart. Do you offer more than social media than events, than classes? So examples could be giveaways. You could do giveaways on social, on blogs, at events. How are you rewarding your tribe? Do you have a retention platform, a program, a referral program? What do your bonuses look like? Are you hosting events every single month to grow your tribe locally?

All these different avenues to think about, to grow exponential reach. And then are you leveraging if you've got brand partnerships, are you asking them to say, "Hey, could we do a live event? Could we do some sorta giveaway? Could we do some sorta collaboration to fuse our mutually beneficial networks to serve more people? Or how about I teach your network how to do A, B, C, one, two, three?" You guys, these are things I pitch and approach brands for all the time.

4) Transformation

We are all serving in transformation.

Whether you're serving in health, whether you're serving in money, whether you're serving in social media. Whether you're serving in business, or all of the above like we do, it's always focused on how can I get the person to the next level, whatever that is for them?

Are you offering online freebies, challenges, live classes and events? Are you offering things digitally in bundles? Are you hosting things in the community or in retreats? Are you doing givebacks at non-profits? Are you acknowledging or thinking about ways that you can build and grow your tribe, coaches, ambassadors, whatever that is for you?


How is your focus and your flow?


What I mean by that is, where are you possibly not spending time in some of the areas that I talked about? I would suggest mapping it out, calendaring it out, putting tentative dates or due dates into when you're gonna do different things.

How is your time and marketing?

How do you build relationships?

How do you flow from areas?

How is your connecting?


Are you clear people mostly need time to know, like and trust you?


That often times people will start with free, or an intro offer. How and who do you market to? Are you crystal clear on who your target client is? Who's your ideal person that you're marketing to? How do you value your service? How do you make money and margins? Have you thought about that? Have you thought about passive income streams? I would highly recommend you go join our 14 day free challenge in the club to start.


Marketing is really, you guys, just relationship and connection. Don't get so caught up in marketing and work.


How you would want to relate and connect to a friend.


Take a peak at the our Freebies



Transform + Inspire: You Were Born To.

Transform + Inspire.




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