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How to Do Marketing All in One

Are you tired of struggling with marketing and figuring out what to put together with what blog, with what email listing, with what freebie, and how to put it together, and everything you pull up is super, super complicated?


All in One Marketing


Kajabi is one of a few tools that combines a website, combines blogging, email marketing, and much, much more all in one. You guys, if I would have known about Kajabi years ago, I would have been on that platform so much longer.

Just to give you a glimmer of some of my pain points in websites, in 2015 alone I went through 10 revisions on my site. It's not because I don't love the tool, Wix, but I was learning all different things about different marketing aspects and platforms, and consistently applying them. Although I could do that on the Wix platform, I couldn't do what I could easily and effortlessly do on Kajabi, which was create a landing page that had been already vetted for results, create a blog, integrate my email and automate my email campaigns for my freebies, and set up courses that are email-only or guide-only or video, and create freebies to connect to those courses. Those are just some of the things that you can do on Kajabi.


I'm going to show you, following the ending of this video, examples.


I'm going to show you blog creation and I'm going to show you how my behind the scenes on my email automation is, and my course creation, and how easy it is.

You guys, they also have a free 14-day challenge and 28-day challenge that teaches you how to do this. It's giving away thousands of value for free. That's how I got on their platform, is I joined their 28-day challenge and already knew, duh, you're going to teach me how to do this. Why would I go somewhere else? You invested in me and gave this much value away for free. Why would I go anywhere else?


I'll show you a couple glimmers of that. Comment below on what you got from this video. Comment on if you have a website, if you're building a course, or if you use Kajabi already but didn't realize the power of what it could do.


As a bonus, I've included a link below to Smart Social + (where you learn how to create content like crazy)


This is going to help give you insight on how I film in a day for a month to two months worth of content, and how you can do the same and start to get results and traction in your influence and in your press.


Some of the other things that I share and have freebies on are freebies on health, like meal plans. I have a free 14-day challenge and several other things on money, like our Billions In Our Brains guide too.


Share the video, you guys.

Tag friends that you know are interested in this that may be looking to build a website, they maybe looking to build a course, they may be looking to make changes in their health, in their money, and their business..


Take a peak at the our Freebies



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