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Looking Forward to 2018

So I don't know about you guys but I'm looking super forward to 2018. Not that I didn't love 2017 and not that incredible things and shifts and different things didn't happen, and I shared more on my last blog...


2018 is all about value, vibe, and tribe.


#1 Vibes

We are responsible for the energy that we bring into a room, into a situation. So for me, I'm taking it on that all the time I'm super aware about elevating energy and about raising my own energy and raising the vibes all around me.

How am I going to practice that and how am I going to do that?

So, number one is morning routine, is daily routine because what we do every single day builds up to massive momentum in every areas of our life.

So, for me my morning routine is on lock after several years of practice and constantly refined and from years ago not having a morning routine.

My old morning routine was get up, take a shower, check email, race to work like a mad person, maybe eat something, maybe...

Now, it's grounded and centered first in meditation.


Then giving myself Reiki which, if you don't know what that is, it's universal source of energy, so whatever word in that case with the practice in Reiki, it's called Reiki, but I equate it to God, our creator, energy, so that's the name it was given when it was created.


Then I do a practice of gratitude. What I'm grateful for now, and in the future and I pray.