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Clear the Stuff in Your Life

I believe in living every day to the fullest. With that, at year - end there is often a lot of reflection that comes up.

Its the pre-season for the season of the New Year.

I believe it is in the pre-season where it helps us create the clarity to really set up for the season and create positive change for every area of our lives. I understand what it feels to have "stuff" overwhelming you - health, relationships, money, business, and of course literal stuff - in the car and in the house. It used to be.


Now, I get to experience a peace and calm like I never knew ten years ago. I want you to experience the same.


In this workshop we're going to be talking about sanity, space, and stuff. What does that mean?

Think about the things that impact your sanity?

Is it your finances? Is it your health?

Think about your space.

What are you surrounded by?

What relationships in your life that maybe impact your boundaries and how you feel, and then what about your stuff?

What environment are you in every single day, whether it's at work or it's home?


I want you to start to think about, in your life, where your sanity is impacted


Is it in your health?

Is it in your wealth?

Is it relationally?