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Feature with ProBusiness Channel and Lee Haney

How often do you hold yourself back because of fear?

This is an example of what taking leaps of faith leads to!


How I Ended Up On the ProBusiness Channel with


One of my neighbors - Liam (who also ended up on the show within a week!) Told me you could apply

to be on the show! I got an email that I was scheduled in less than two weeks!!!!

One of their mantras - rightfully so - content is king!! Rich Casanova Creator of ProBusiness Channel where they are "Converting Conversations to Content" + Michael Moore the host are amazing!

I've had numerous opportunities to speak live + starting spreading more social lives this year! However, doing it for a regular show + not knowing who was going to be the guest with me had me on my toes!

Imagine, my surprise when Lee Haney walked it! It took ,me a second, and then I realized wait a minute I was going to do his October show last year (I broke my foot surfing in July and my plans got altered LOL).

This was definitely what I call divine moments!!

Anyway, I had a blast! Take a peak at the episode below by clicking here or the pic! Feel free to share of course!

If you are in Atlanta and an entrepreneur, definitely submit to be on the show! They have a top 5% Alexa rating (this means people are always searching their content + they update a lot basically!)




Transform + Inspire: You Were Born To.

Transform + Inspire.

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