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Create a Life You Love Anywhere Anytime

There are so many ways we all live. Some of us choose our lives, some of us create, and some of us live unconsciously. I used to live unconsciously, and now I am so grateful to create a life I love anywhere anytime.


These past two weeks, I got to experience another level of creating a life I love and integrating business while traveling overseas to Vienna Austria and numerous places in Bulgaria.


Here I will share:

1) Where did I go.

2) What did I see

3) Week 1



The questions I started asking myself 7 years ago were

"Am I living a life I love? Am I living my passions and purpose? Am I living or growing towards my full potential?"

The answers to all these questions then was NO.

That brought up a whole bunch of emotions that all started to come up when one of my best friends Janelle passed away in 2013. Yes, I was generally happy. Yes, I had experienced a lot of amazing things. Yes, I had done a lot of incredible things and accomplished a lot. Yes, I had traveled quite a bit. Yes, I had made an impact. And yet....