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Travels With Airbnb

How to travel with Airbnb, both as a solo traveler, or a solo couple or group, and how you can use Airbnb for retreats. You guys, I've personally now stayed in over 20 Airbnb locations.

I love the personal and local touch. I love that it's typically less than half of the price. I personally list my place now on Airbnb when I travel to help offset the cost, to make money, and then I've also utilized villas that are listed on Airbnb all around the world, for creating retreats!!!

You can explore more here!


Yes, I'm a high risk taker, and yes, I love utilizing new business models and technology.

In Costa Rica, we stayed at an incredible villa with a pool, and you may explore at my Airbnb link!.

It turned out the owner actually lived here in Atlanta, out of all the villas I could've found.

In Cuba, I stayed in four different Airbnbs, four. The first one was a incredible family home. Then I stayed in a smaller Airbnb by myself for a couple days, in between groups.


Then we had an incredible luxury villa also with a pool, then I had one that was seaside, with a family, a woman that was a lawyer. She's a lawyer, Maria, her husband Huberto, and her mom, Maria, would cook the most incredible breakfasts.

Comment below if you stayed at Airbnbs and you love the experience!


I definitely do, and I hope that gave you some insight, and feel free to check my profile below, and snag the travel credit that I have if you book your first Airbnb, or join us on a retreat!!


Create the World You Wish to See.

- Katrina Julia


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Transform + Inspire.


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