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5 Steps to Freedom in All Areas of Life

What do I mean by freedom and what are the five steps? Freedom, to me, means being who you are, doing what you want with who you want, without boundaries, and having no obligations or limitations. It's freedom in every sense of the word. It's mental. It's health. It's financial. It's spiritual. It's leading completely a life from the deepest space of who you are.


It's about operating from your passions and purpose and aligning to your best self.


Five Steps to Freedom

  1. Clearing

  2. Vision

  3. Belief

  4. Action

  5. Trust


Step 1: Clearing

Clearing the stuff that you've put in the way of your true freedom, and truly of who you are. That could be a lot of stuff that bogs you down. A lot of clutter in your house, in your vehicle. A lot of clutter with relationships that really don't serve you, and drain your energy.


Step 2: Vision

It's getting crystal clear and writing down the life that you want, and going after it with every single part of you. Just like you did maybe in the past, in helping others pursue their dreams. If you've worked for someone else, or if you've been in someone else's program, then you've supported someone else's dreams. Or you've had parents, then you fit into, and we fit into, what it was at some point, different things that they thought were best for us.



Step 3: Belief

Without belief, there's no amount of action that can offset belief. It's crystal clear and so important that you work on your mindset and having a massive monster mindset of faith. So regardless of what your belief systems are, every single belief system has on one side of it faith, hope, love, unity, and peace, or it has the direct opposite, hate, disunity, chaos. Which alignment or which vibration are you operating out of? It really, really is that simple.


Step 4: Action

You say you want something, but are you going after it, or are you self sabotaging? That could be with your health. Are you moving towards the results or the health that you say you want?

For me, I include in every single thing that I do, Herbalife, the number one global nutritional brand. I include meal bags. I include meal prep. Setting myself up for success. For years, I didn't do that. I would say, "Oh, I want this," go to the gym and kill myself four or five days a week, but then completely self sabotage myself. If that sounds like you, that's a clear comparison of one is moving towards what you want, versus the other one isn't. It's really that clear.

We just tend to over-complicate or get in our own way sometimes. Sometimes we don't even realize it, because it's unconscious, you guys. We've done things for so long, that we don't even recognize it. The same thing with your money. The same thing with your business. Are you taking actions towards what you want?


Step 5: Trust

It is about having faith and trusting you will get promoted in life to the next level. That your life will change. That you will transform, and not only transform, you guys, but you will transform and inspire countless people. Freedom in no way shape or form leads to abuse or infringing or causing pain to another. It's within the content of freedom and love.


The ripple effects are beyond what you may imagine when you transform + inspire.


Tune in:

Transform + Inspire: You Were Born To.

Transform + Inspire.


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