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5 Steps to Freedom in All Areas of Life

What do I mean by freedom and what are the five steps? Freedom, to me, means being who you are, doing what you want with who you want, without boundaries, and having no obligations or limitations. It's freedom in every sense of the word. It's mental. It's health. It's financial. It's spiritual. It's leading completely a life from the deepest space of who you are.


It's about operating from your passions and purpose and aligning to your best self.


Five Steps to Freedom

  1. Clearing

  2. Vision

  3. Belief

  4. Action

  5. Trust


Step 1: Clearing

Clearing the stuff that you've put in the way of your true freedom, and truly of who you are. That could be a lot of stuff that bogs you down. A lot of clutter in your house, in your vehicle. A lot of clutter with relationships that really don't serve you, and drain your energy.


Step 2: Vision