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5 Success Steps to Handle Email in 5 Hours or Less a Week

I've always gotten tons of questions on how I manage multiple projects and things.

It's funny. It's always been second nature to me, and I didn't realize until recently how valuable the simple things are!


Let's first set a realistic expectation. If you currently have 10,000+ emails in your inbox (exaggeration intended - I've seen people with this number and higher), you are not going to get to five hours or less overnight.

Let's remove the instant gratification, shall we? (smiling sweetly).


With that out of the way, let's focus.

Let's create space and reduce the stress in your life.

This may require some clean up so let's get to work.


To move towards this path, you may have to put in extra time initially and watch in wonder how before you know it you are managing your email in five hours or less a week. It is possible! I do this currently with my business. I also did this managing three companies, 200+ emails a day, and $10+ Million dollars in results in a year, and everything in between.

Like a pilot flying a plane, it requires focus.



#1 Clean Up

Go to right NOW.

Enter your email and from one page unsubscribe from all the JUNK you get that is of no value to you and/or someone is trying to convince you to buy something you don't need.

I go through this every month as we always subscribe to new things and people of value. One of my gauges is if someone emails me more than 3 times a week, it feels like they are trying to hijack productivity. I understand that many people have a passion to help. I also understand that if someone wants something ongoing subtle reminders will reach them at the right time.

I typically also filter any "learning" to a "next" folder or "follow up" and have designated days and times I go through that inbox. This is on my time, and not when someone is pushing me to do it. Create your life. Or someone else will.


#2 Priorities

Make a list of who or what you get emails from that are your priorities. This means you definitely want to address them in 3 days or less. Once you make a list of those to help you, you may either create a folder "next" or follow up or set up a text alert (if that is something you like) via

This is another amazing tool that will also help you replicate social media (more on that in my Smart Social guide). Let's stay focused on email. #1 Priority List #2 Decide how you address #3 Set up filing #4 Set up IFTTT


#3 Boundaries

This is my favorite!!!I have always had an automated response on my emails since I was in college. This may be as general or specific as you like. It creates a boundary and expectation on where to go for specific information (they may not even need you), and/or when you or your team will respond. If you click here, you may download the full guide and get my current out of office !

Yes, I tell people they will have to wait up to 72 hours before we respond. I find that many times "urgent" requests somehow resolve themselves by then. Also, I once said to a retailer I worked with that was taking all our off days to do floor sets repeatedly - "we don't work in an emergency room." I love to serve, When it becomes evident that people have zero care for you as a human being functioning, stand up for yourself! You may be the catalyst that creates growth. (and no I didn't get fired - many people thanked me after for speaking up - and the director had no clue we felt like that.


#4 Time

This is a BIG one. I used to literally check my email first thing in the morning in 2007 -2008. Before I realized I was literally being a slave to others needs and priorities. If you do this, you are also KILLING your productivity by at least 30%. Think about it - those "to dos" you never get to because someone hijacked you.

What I do now. Wake Up, Pray, I Ams Fasted Cardio + Eat Workout + Eat Again Review my To Dos Top 3-5 Things to Get Done Check Email 10 am Projects Check Email 2 pm Projects Check Email 5pm = Much Happier + Much More Productive Katrina. The same will happen for you!


#5 Filter

Filters have to do with two components in my mind. The first is your folders. The second is your actions. Do you have a file system in your inbox?

or example, I have: Next Follow Up HR Wealth Marketing Clients Projects Travel These are by priority and may change depending on the day and flexibility. Then, key human resource needs. Then wealth and marketing to generate wealth. Then clients, projects, and travel.

The second is your actions. To stay focused, we must be like pilots focused on the "plane" we are flying in the moment. As a result, I have a schedule I constantly evaluate and that changes based on how the business grows. My current schedule is in the full free guide found here related to work purposes. The morning routine from prior pages is first, and email is filtered as listed on the times page above.


The more clarity you have on what you do on each days then leads to not only assigning tasks for yourself on certain days, but to also growing a team with consistency and clarity. If you know what you do on certain days, your team will know. Then, you may also outsource emails and it becomes like ABC 123.

For example, I am looking to have a virtual assistant by September 2017. This guide will serve for her to know what to potentially assign on what days from client appointments to projects and more. I also keep a master calendar of my travels and upcoming projects 90 days to a year out to help my sanity, protect my energy, as well as best serve my clients and the team!


I hope this helped give you examples of clarity and consistency to help you clear the space to create a life you love. The key is to apply information that works for you consistently over time.

You will experience results in line with actions taken.


I hope this has given you hope in your own journey. The most important thing is to recognize things take time. You did not get here overnight, nor will you get to the destination you want overnight. It is, always has been, and always will be, a journey. A bit about my story: I UNDERSTAND THE STRUGGLE. "I struggled with 20-40 lbs. of excess weight, 150%+ of excess spending while generating others 7-8 figures of wealth, and losing myself."

With perseverance, I transformed from the inside out creating a life + a business I love while inspiring others + giving back.


Upcoming experiences with 7 Day Challenge, Programs, Brazil, and more

Transform + Inspire: You Were Born To.

Transform + Inspire.


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