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Growth and Glue of Gratitude

I want to say thank you. Thank you for you. Thank you for every lesson. Thank you for every once of growth.

Do you find it ironic that there is a focus of gratitude in our culture is typically during the holidays only? I do.

More and more, I have found myself over the last several years focused on gratitude all the time.

This year, it really grew to another level.

It made me realize how much gratitude glues our lives, if we allow it.

It really all came together when I broke my foot earlier this year.

YES, you read that right. BROKE.

As in couldn't walk, get my own groceries, clean my own house, workout, anything I was used to doing on my own. Things I didn't realize how HUGE they were. You bet I realize it NOW.

As I reflected on how it happened (crashing into shore and falling backward on my first surfing lesson), and that could have stopped it (if I paid attention and was patient - high tide, unpredictable sets, waiting for Costa Rica) and that I now had a choice.

A choice not only with the injury, more importantly with life.

I had a choice to focus on the positive.

I had a choice to grow through it all.

I had a choice to be grateful for all I did have.

I had a choice to hyper focus on life.

I had a choice to focus on this moment.

I had a choice to ask for help.

Hmmmmm. Were these lessons simply for the moment of having a broken foot I began to question of our creator? Of course not.

I began to reflect on my history of life of always focusing on next, next, next. I realized I missed many moments, or I could if I continued to live like this. I realized to hyper focus on every single moment and live fully in the PRESENT. To keep my head in the clouds with all the dreams in my heart, AND my feet FIRMLY on the ground.

What is also funny about this year is that BEFORE I broke my foot, I would walk and say to myself thank you for being able to walk on my own two feet. Thank you for that simple blessing that is HUGE.

Thank you for a roof over my head. Thank you for food in my belly. Thank you for the Herbalife shake I just finished. Thank you for the amazing people in my life. Thank you for the growth in my spirit. Thank you for the many many many priceless blessings like doing what I love every single day. Thank you for creating a life and business I love. Thank you for countless freedoms.

My challenge to you is not simply to be grateful during the holidays, but every moment, and every day. If you even catch yourself having a victim moment, catch yourself.

Take nothing and no one for granted. Nothing is promised.

Catch yourself and reflect the countless things and people you have to be grateful for.

Say thank you to someone you are grateful for every day. Most importantly, show that to those you are closest to. Too often, we take THEM for granted and THEY deserve it the most!

I encourage you to view some of my freebies that may help you on daily priorities like gratitude on a path to transform + inspire and create the life + business you love!


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