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Brave and Bold Surprises

Last week, I went to LA for the Bold Conference with Mind Body...or so I thought.

Life is funny. I went with full excitement about hearing Deepak Chopra and Jillian Michaels and others speak, yet within 30 minutes of arriving life had other plans that led to insight.

What do I mean by surprises? Well - food poisoning. I am not quite sure if it was the breakfast burrito I had at the airport with meat, or the spicy raw tuna I had at the beach, or both.

It led to my literally getting my swag bag...before Deepak went on. Then, feeling worse and deciding it was best to leave. Then, having a relapse later that day. So, I spent more time in the cute little condo I rented on AirBnB then I thought I would.

The blessings and insight I received though was priceless. We get exactly what we need.

Through the few days, I recognized the following Bold and Brave Surprises...

1. I have everything I need inside

2. Anything I can't miss, I won't.

3. To trust myself and God.