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Brave and Bold Surprises

Last week, I went to LA for the Bold Conference with Mind Body...or so I thought.

Life is funny. I went with full excitement about hearing Deepak Chopra and Jillian Michaels and others speak, yet within 30 minutes of arriving life had other plans that led to insight.

What do I mean by surprises? Well - food poisoning. I am not quite sure if it was the breakfast burrito I had at the airport with meat, or the spicy raw tuna I had at the beach, or both.

It led to my literally getting my swag bag...before Deepak went on. Then, feeling worse and deciding it was best to leave. Then, having a relapse later that day. So, I spent more time in the cute little condo I rented on AirBnB then I thought I would.

The blessings and insight I received though was priceless. We get exactly what we need.

Through the few days, I recognized the following Bold and Brave Surprises...

1. I have everything I need inside

2. Anything I can't miss, I won't.

3. To trust myself and God.

4. To keep going in Faith.

5. To flow with life.

6. To take care of myself.

7. To always have peace.

So, although I didn't get the "lessons" that I would have gotten from the event, I got exactly what would take me to the next level of Brave and Bold.

Trust your journey. Trust God and the universe always guides you.

We simply have to be open to receiving and releasing control.


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