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How to Create Content Globally

There are many ways to share our lives and value with people on social media. This may include passions and purpose ranging from family, health, food, fitness, money, lifestyle, business, fashion and more! For me, it is all of these.

I get a lot of questions on how I share these and combine to show on social media.


Here, I will share with you the topics and ways that I create, plan, and share content! PLUS how I did this recently in Bulgaria!




I've been creating content, guides, and manuals for >15 years. This started way before social media existed. I started in college when I created a nonprofit organization with two of my best friends, continued with >7 industries, and creating guides and instructions for >20,000 people across multiple companies and industries. I've simply now learned how to apply this in combination of learning from bloggers and social media gurus.



Before I left for Bulgaria, I had an idea that I wanted to share my journey with health, wealth, business, and travel topics.

Here is the intentional outline I created before leaving the U.S.:

1) History + Family in Bulgaria

2) Healthy Lifestyle + Traveling

3) Behind the Scenes Travels

4) Bulgaria Beaches

5) Self Care + Lifestyle

6) Architecture + History

7) Business + Lifestyle

This included creating images + videos. I mainly use my iPhone to keep it super simple and the free Splice App.

My intention is to make things easy and simple so anyone may do it!

I like to have an outline and plan, and to be super flexible to allow space for creativity and spontaneity. In each area I visited, you will see below how I combined freedom and creativity with having a plan!


Week 1:

I was in Bulgaria we were in Varna, and I shared videos on History + Family, Herbalife Shakes + Workouts, and Behind the Scenes Beaches! See my recent post here


Week 2:

My parents and I (PRICELESS) headed on a road trip to Veliko Tarnovo, Plovdiv, Hisarya, and Nessebar,


Veliko Tarnova

An amazing town in Bulgaria! We stopped for an awesome lunch - chicken kebab - and a visit to the castle!

Take a peak at these breathtaking views!

In arriving here, I immediately planned to share about the incredible food + visit to the castle! Then, I simply create and do it!


The key is to simply be and do what you love.

Share that energy and vibe!



Social: Tools I Use

a) Preview: Loads Pics for Instagram before you post so you may see how you love the color and cohesiveness!

b) Share from IG: When I post on IG I click share for FB!

c) IFTTT - I use this FREE tool to post ALL content across ALL platforms with their applets!

d) Dropbox - I save here for future blog posts + repeat use on social channels + guides!

e) Hootsuite: - I share each blog post minimum two to three times and schedule here across a month.


After, we left Veliko Tarnova we headed to Plovdiv. This is the second largest city in Bulgaria!

We stayed at a beautiful Airbnb with a rooftop deck!!!

Here is my code in case you want to explore Airbnb! I LOVE them!!!

We explored the beautiful gardens, Old Town, and the Ancient Theatre! Highly recommend this city!

Super walkable!

We spent one night here. I could have easily stayed two more nights! However, we were headed to Hisarya, Bulgaria to the SPA! Hello!


My intent while creating content is always to make you feel like you are there with me!


Hisarya is a beautiful town!! I loved the ancient wall! The picturesque scenery! OH and the Kepow - my FAVE Bulgarian dish with roasted egg plant, red peppers, and garlic!! Yum!!!

Ancient Roman Wall + Gate

In LOVE with Kepow! Bulgarian Dish with Roasted Eggplant, Garlic, Red Peppers!

We were going to go to Sana Spa for a few hours! When we arrived though, we fell in LOVE! We decided to stay an extra day and enjoy the self care! The sauna and the whirlpool and the relaxation room amazing! I was inspired to do some behind the scenes videos so you could get a feel for the experience! Self care and self love is so important! When we give from a place of what we give to ourselves, game over!



After leaving Hisarya, we decided to go to Necessebar. A beautiful old town by the Black Sea!


I wanted you to see and feel the vibe of the city! I experienced the biggest chicken kebab I have ever seen here! They also have an incredible old church and the ruins. The art that is all throughout the city is incredible! Last, but not least - the views all around are awe inspiring!!!


I hope you get inspired to create a life + business you love anywhere!


On and off the road, I believe keeping your mind and body in its best state is super important! I've now been super healthy for >4 years + alcohol free! I have more energy than I did in high school! I do this by having Herbalife #1 Global Nutrition with me everywhere I go! Check out my freebies for free meal plan + more! I also make super duper healthy choices ALL the time. YES, this means ZERO cheats.


Creating a life you love with massive energy and clarity is priceless.


With this in mind, before I headed back to the U.S., I repurposed all the content for blogs + guides post the initial sharing on all social media channels. I always keep in mind it typically takes people to see something five - ten times for the push to take action.

If you want to learn more, create with us with my FREE 14 Day Challenge + Creation Club!


Transform + Inspire: You Were Born To.

Transform + Inspire.


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