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Declutter Your Life

What creates chaos or clutter in your life? What is impacting your sanity?

When we start to remove the stuff in the way of our peace, clear the space in our lives, and change anything impacting our sanity, amazing things happen.

This is a sneak peak into the Space Creator workshop. In this workshop, we're going to be talking about sanity, space and stuff. What does that mean?

Think about the things that impact your sanity.


Think about your space.

What are you surrounded by? What relationships are in your life that maybe impact your boundaries and how you feel and then what about your stuff? Space can mean any number of things. It can mean space in your work life, in your personal life, and at the end of the day, all those things mesh together because they impact who you are and they impact your sanity. I'm going to give you an example.

For example with space, at first, years ago, I used to cram or try to cram over 15 things in one day. Then when I'd only get four things done I felt like a failure. Versus when I started to do three things I'm going to get done today, but then I got four done, I felt like a rockstar. Make sense? Simply, take action and think about what's best for you and that next step.

Let's talk about your stuff.

What does your car look like? If I was to sit in your car, would I sit on a banana peel or something with coconut on it that's been in there for two months? What does your house look like? Really start to look at yourself in the mirror and think about where you need to change things with your environment and the stuff around you.

I hope that you got a ton of value from your space, your sanity and your stuff, and just pick one to two things from every single area and just start to make progress. Remember, it's not about perfection. It's progress. Then come back 30 days from now and I do this literally, you guys, every single day I'm creating space in my life in every area of my life because I recognize I'm literally a work in progress.


Celebrate where you are, celebrate what you've done, but just recognize it's a never ending journey.


Transform + Inspire: You Were Born To.

Transform + Inspire.

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