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Purpose to Profits

Do you know what you love, what you've overcome, your gifts, talents, and abilities, and where you want to impact in your life with your time and your money?

What do I mean by that, you guys?

1) What you love.

Oh, my God, I love so many things. One of them is Mickey Mouse, and Mickey Mouse, you guys, it's hilarious, is I didn't even love Mickey until I was like in college. Legit, in my bedroom, I had a Mickey Mouse comforter, a Mickey Mouse phone, Mickey Mouse sheets, and I have baby Mickey. I have graduation Mickey. I have so many different Mickey Mouses that I'm even saving for my future kids. More of what I love - God, family + friends, Herbalife, travel, beach, yoga, dancing, lifting... the list goes on!


Are you doing something that you love every single day? Is it part of your everyday life?


Don't go a day, a week, a month, a year without making sure that your heart is happy, and you're doing the things that you love. You're doing the things that your kids love. You're doing the things that your family loves. All those things are so important.

2) What You've Overcome

Here are some examples. I overcame a battered relationship in my early 20s. Obviously, that impacted me on a number of levels and ripple effects. I also overcame the death of my best friend back in 2013 that literally ripple-effected from Herbalife into facing myself in the mirror and really remembering all the dreams that I had as a kid, in high school, how I wanted to impact into fitness, I mean on so many different levels. What are those things in your life that you've overcome that others probably are struggling with, too, that maybe you don't necessarily want to face? Take the next couple of minutes and grab a sheet of paper and jot down all the things that you've overcome because the things that you've overcome are meant to inspire others.


3) Gifts + Talents + Abilities

I love connecting with people, and selfishly, learning from them and learning from people that I'm here with now, like Weekend Voyagers, like Tre and Preston and about video, learning from Carly and Jen @light.travels and at The Social Girl Traveler and all the value that they bring into the world and things that for me, like social media and all these things, were completely foreign as an ex corporate exec. Selflessly, I love giving my gifts, talents, and abilities to the world, things like speaking, things like finance, things like business, things like pulling value out of people. That's what sets my soul on fire and brings it back to what I love, but those are also the natural gifts and talents and abilities that I started remembering that I had as a kid years ago.

What are those things for you?

What are those things that people point out that you're super great at? Or maybe, what are the things that you do that you're like, "Oh, I do this because I love it," or you don't even charge for it, but people tell you all the time or ask you all the time. That's actually giving you a cue into your purpose.

4) Impact

Where do you want to spend your time and your money? At some point, as you get more clear on your purpose, you end up getting more than enough money, so where do you want to direct that excess? Because if not, it can go to a lot of wasteful places. What I mean by that is, for me, I'm very intentional to help and serve battered women because of what I've been through. I'm very intentional to help end homelessness and give back to that because there's so many countries, just like Cuba, that don't have a lot of the things that we have and take them for granted. Also, even my journey in being an entrepreneur. If I didn't have certain aspects of support or different things, I could have been homeless.

Hopefully you found this activity with Purpose to Profits super valuable and you've really started to get clear on what you love, what you've overcome, your gifts, talents, and abilities, and where you want to impact. I revisit this at least every month because you start to realize energetically where you may need to do more of what you love, or you need to pull in more of what you've overcome, so it's an ongoing process. We're all works in process. I really hope that served you.


Transform + Inspire: You Were Born To.

Transform + Inspire.


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