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Transformation Around the World

I am so passionate about transformation, and traveling around the world! Why not both?

I've been fortunate to travel to over 20 countries and there's so many things you learn about yourself, about cultures, about foods, about experiences traveling. Wouldn’t you agree?

I believe doing what you love, with who you love, how you love, and when you love truly makes you and everyone around you come alive.


So, how is it possible to experience transformation around the world?


1) Fall in Love with Where You Are

I mean both practically, and locally where you are. Celebrate yourself with where you are in this moment. You are an incredible human, and you have overcome a lot already! You have also done some incredible things!

Begin to explore all around you. You will be amazed at how your perspective shifts about where you live the more you open up to everything that is around you all the time.



I live in Atlanta and I've lived here for the last seven years. I recently realized how when I first moved here, that I was exploring like crazy and I fell in love with the city.

I realized that recently over the last year or two, I kind of lost that. So whether you've just moved somewhere or whether you've lived somewhere your whole life, treat it like it's somewhere new.

I took action and created a list to explore in Atlanta that I am always adding to. Some fun finds are Bikes on Beltline, so you can Google that. I recently found out about Noah's Ark which is an amazing animal rescue place. To name some adventures, I recently visited Jeju Spa, a local Korean Bathhouse and found a concert at historic Fox Theatre with the singer from Elsa that sang "Let It Go", Idina!


2) Pursue Passion and Purpose

It is amazing what starts to happen when you combine what you love with the experiences you've overcome!

Recently, I explored a social injustice exhibit, explored a photography school, and gave back at an animal rescue center.

a. Local: Museum of Design and they had an incredible experience with Luba Lukova, an artist in social injustices.The social injustice exhibits and experiences included writing poetry like haikus, integrating the string activity demonstrating your experiences with racism, homelessness, women's issues, healthcare, welfare, or all of the above.

b. International: In Cuba with a retreat that I led recently we chose to serve and give back with a photography school with bloggers and with influencers. We presented on various ways social media is used from Instagram to collabs to earning income with content.

We also learned from them about photography as well as shared our experiences, and sponsored students for scholarships. It helped open their eyes to what is possible. They've barely had the internet for about a year and it's about $7 an hour, so it just gives you so much perspective.


3) Attend Retreats

Here is a snapshot from our recent retreat to Costa Rica! Transformation starts when we get out of our comfort zones - like zip lining for 2+ minutes with an ocean view!!

With retreats focused on growth, you experience a community of like minded people transforming together like this priceless ziplining experience.

In Costa Rica, we also had incredible experiences with health, Herbalife Nutrition, chefs, workshops on money and business, and giving back at an animal rescue center! PLUS, lounging at our pirvate villa by the pool (and even workshops in the pool!

If you want to experience transformation with us at our next experiences in Atlanta or Global.

4) Travel Like a Local

I am super passionate about also using Airbnb and I've attached an Airbnb link for you guys to explore like a local. You will get money off and may earn money for referrals!

I’ve stayed in countless airbnbs, and recently In Costa Rica, Cuba, and coming up in Brazil!!

I'm an avid proponent of staying at homes or villas at Airbnb, with Airbnb. You guys, the locals are amazing. You truly cannot get experiences like this!

Here is a video series one of our influencers, Ashley Renne @travellushes put together!

5) Get Healthy

You can get healthy and cultural. I’m a huge fan of the food experience locally + integrating health! So at every single retreat we've led as well as when I travel solo, you can eat healthy. You can get the local, whether it's the owner or a chef to still cook for you healthy food in line with the culture.

So you can ask them a) for recommendations all around, but they're going to know so much more because they live there; b) you can also get a local chef to cook food for you at the home!!!

6) Give Back

It does something magical for us when we put others ahead of ourselves! We gain perspective that often our problems are miniscule! I mentioned the photography school in Cuba, and the animal rescue center in Costa Rica. In Brazil, we will be visiting and serving in the Favelas. Imagine what conditions people live in? Take time to truly realize all the blessings we have. They are countless.

I recommend any time you travel think about an innovative way to give back even if it's a solo adventure or if it's part of your retreat experience like we do and I do, or if it's something you just do on your own and you donate.

7) Always take risks.

All we ave is NOW.

Are you going to choose to be full of love?

Are you going to choose to be full of joy?

Are you going to choose to be full of faith?

Are you going to choose to be full of peace?

Are you going to choose to be full of unity?

All it is is growth. All it is is transformation.

Are you going to choose to have fear?

Whatever it is, learn to take risks, to have joy in the moment, and to fall in love with life.

Experience transformation in the here and now, and around the world!


Transform + Inspire: You Were Born To.

Transform + Inspire.

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