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Social Media Made Easy

Where are you on social media? Do you feel it's fun or too much? What platforms are you on?

Do you use it for personal only or business or both? Do you simply show who you are?

All of you?


To start off, if you think about smart social gives you the big opportunity not only to enjoy but also show who are with friends! If you keep that perspective, it becomes easy.

I recommend looking at various social media accounts that are attractive, fun, and engaging.

See how people tell the "story" of their life, and connect people. See how tools are integrated to free up time, and how you may make it even easier to spread sharing you and your life across all platforms!


Here's info to help you know a bit more about some accounts I watch, and what tools I use:



I love health + fitness! Losing over 45 lbs. and now helping others in health + lifestyle, I am very passionate about this! Going for national qualification with NPC + gulp IFBB!!

Some accounts I regularly look at + engage with:

IG @ingridromero1 - wife, mom, and co-founder with her hubby Joe - Team Edge (who I've competed in fitness shows with twice + done photography prep with as well! Great visual of lifestyle + showing all who she is!

IG @garrainsjones - whole life success, motivator, coach and leader of Herbaheroes Herbalife Team. Full Expression of Self + super inspiring!


Travel + Lifestyle

I love travel + have been blessed to have traveled to over 25+ countries (4 by the time I was 2!!!). I am drawn to learn about cultures + countries around the globe! Going for 100+ countries #globaldegree!!

Photo Credit: Preston Olsen - Weekend Voyages

Pictured: @thesocialgirltraveler Jen Morilla + Tre Barnes

Some accounts I regularly look at + engage with:

IG @travellushes - I found Ashley's account online + connected with her for our Costa Rica + Cuba Retreats! She came with us to Cuba + does great videos + great visuals + vibes!



I love learning how to make things easier! Here are two tools I use daily!

This is an incredible tool to help you plan and automate your social media. I use it for about 60% of my posts! You may use it to set up your posts across platforms - Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Linked in all at the same time and schedule them in advance!

Photo credit: Rey Cuba


"If This, Than That" is what this stands for! This tool is amazing! It allows you to create cause and effect actions between social media platforms, email and more! For example, when I post to Facebook, it automatically goes to LinkedIn. It saves so much time + creates automation!


Want to learn more about platforms + social insight, check out Step Up Social!


Transform + Inspire: You Were Born To.

Transform + Inspire.

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