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Get Smart with Social

Yet, tackling creating connections and building relationships on social media was a whole new concept for me. I graduated from college in 2002, and 2003 and Facebook didn't even exist then! My graduate marketing class talked about concepts like the "SWOT", Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats" and "Market Research".

The term "social media" didn't even exist yet, let alone the estimated 2+ hours a day people spend on it, or the estimated $36+ billion in ad spend this year (Social Media Today).

Anyone else relate to this?!?!!!

I know what it feels like to feel the unknown, overwhelm, and confusion of something.

So, began my task of first joining Instagram in 2013, figuring out what each platform even was, what would work, how I would connect with people, and how I would get consistent on the platforms without sucking up all my time.


I am, and always will be, a learner. I encourage you to take the same attitude with social media, and anything in life. This blog, and an upcoming guide is based on what I've learned, implemented, and taught others to date. This was born out of numerous people asking me about "who" was doing my social media, and if "they" could help them.

I've now presented concepts on social to several groups on a monthly virtual basis, and the idea for this post was born out of that, and several people messaging me on social platforms.

If you would have told me this would happen back in 2013, I would have cracked up hilariously. Yet, here I am. Funny, how life works!


The four themes related to social media in this post will include:

1) Relationships

2) Platforms

3) Time

4) Learning No matter where you are, it is important to visit or revisit the foundation, create clarity, and move towards the vision strategically.


The ability to connect both one to one, via social media, and in groups is key to relating to people. Gone are the old ways of "corporate vs. friendship" copy. If you look at any top marketers in the world - think Tony Robbins, Brendon Burchard, Oprah, - you will note they do so from a deep heart level.

They are always and ultimately themselves. The more you speak from the heart, the more you will attract those you are meant to serve, and those that are meant to hear a message in your voice. Be consistent in your relation, communication, and voice whether in person or on social media.

The key is to be yourself. Everyone else is already taken.


There are so many platforms it is easy to get overwhelmed. I know exactly what this feels like. The key is to start with where you are, and figure out what works for you.

For me, this meant:


Growing from LinkedIn and Facebook and adding Instagram

Increasing Consistent Posting Multiple Times Weekly


Increasing Events and Behind the Scenes on Social Media

Improving Quality of Pictures + Consistency

Learning from Various Industries and Influencers


Integrating Blogs and Consistent Posts to Social

Improving Composition and Themes on All Platforms

Learning from Influencers + Bloggers on Automation


Setting Up Social Syndication and Automation on All Platforms

Implementing Strategy + Tools: Hootsuite + IFTTT + Sogro + More!

Launching Strategies with Influencers to Amplify Reach

Going Live on Platforms + Filming Videos with my Phone!

Teaching People to Do the Same via Webinars + Guides!

The key thing to note is this did not happen overnight. It was a step by step process over the last 4 years that continues. My goal is to cut down the time for you! I encourage you to simply choose 1-2 actions for the next 30 days, 90 days, or one year and start!


Each platform attracts various users and demographics. To build your brand and connect with audiences, my advice is to build a strategy to go on all of them over time.

Ask yourself:

How many do you want to serve?

Who do you want to serve?

What relationships do you want?

What platforms appeal to you?


Social Media provides the access to reach millions of people at your fingertips for free.


Social Media is incredibly powerful. It provides access to connect us all like never before. When the message is from the heart, the connections and relationships formed are incomprehensible. Never in history has this ease and speed existed.


At the same time, it may easily pull staggering amounts of time if not monitored or managed. This may pull from important projects that you are designed to create as well. The key is to make time work or you. So, how do I do this?


With time, I've learned how to increasingly flow content from one platform to another, and how to automate it.

An example would be:

1) Writing a blog or presentation or guide

2) Strategizing a minimum of 4 blogs

3) Strategizing a minimum of 4 lives/videos

4) Integrating 2+ Pins + 5+ Tweets and FBs

5) Creating graphics on Canva

6) Automating Applets on IFTTT

7) Loading in Social Juke Box + Hootsuite

8) Integrating So Gro + Link Tree on IG


This may seem like a lot. Keep in mind, this is a culmination over the last four years!


It is important to remember everyone's timing is different. Simply start.

You''ll amaze yourself at how quickly you get smart with social!


Simply, because in theory you can't walk yet in creating the health results you want, don't quit. Too often, in our instant gratification society, we quit because we think what is the point.


The point is simple. You and I - we were born to achieve greatness. We were born to win.

Convince yourself that, and you are more than halfway there.


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