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10 Transformation Treats

I hope your week is amazing! I know it is hard to sometimes get creative with transformation! I've combined 10 treats to help you create transformation!!


1) Groceries

The transformation treat is getting healthy groceries so you may create healthy meals! It's important to have ideas of what to buy to eat healthy first!

As a bonus, head on over to my freebies. I have a grocery list by nutrients to set you up for success!


2) My favorite - Herbalife!!!

I myself use Herbalife every single day as part of a healthy lifestyle! It would only make sense that I've included this in all of our experiences - from 7 Day Challenges + Guides to Retreats to Academies, and everything in between! You rather simply try Herbalife by itself - my pleasure - I've got that option too!

Here are two transformation treats of what you may do with Herbalife shakes! Yes, I use these as meal replacements, and it is all part of a healthy lifestyle!!

The simpler you make transformation, the more fun you have, the faster results come!



3) Smoothie Bowls with Herbalife

You may have some more time in the am or you may make this during another time of day! I love shakes and breakfast foods anytime!


4) Breakfast Muffin Cups

Speaking of breakfast, here is a yummy option for breakfast too!


5) Stuffed Zucchini Boats

Perhaps you are struggling with how to get creative with veggies? Or perhaps you want to create something healthy for an upcoming get together or potluck? Here's your answer!


6) Salmon with Avocado Salsa

Fish lover? Here's a delicious recipe for you!


7) Sweet Potato Toast

Hello my fellow sweet potato lovers! Here is sweet potato toast three ways!


8) Chicken Strawberry Dream Salad

This is one of my personal faves I put together back in 2014!!! I recently started creating it again! It holds a special place in my heart!


9) Quinoa Breakfast Bowl

Did I tell you I love breakfast?!!!


10) Fruit Spring Rolls

Here's something to mix it up!


I hope these transformation treats have given you hope in your own journey. The most important thing is to recognize things take time.

You did not get here overnight, nor will you get to the destination you want overnight. It is, always has been, and always will be, a journey.


Transform + Inspire: You Were Born To.

Transform + Inspire.


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