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Transforming Your Life = Priceless

Transforming a life; whether health, wealth, business, or all three; involves a never ending journey from within.

If you desire to transform, or have transformed any parts of your life, you know exactly what I mean. The resistance from old ways of being and thinking is intense and immense.

It is in every single moment that transformation and inspiration is born within. Make a choice to break through barriers on your path to creating a life and business you love.

In October, I shared about Influence2Inspire: Influencer retreats and our Costa Rica experience.

So what is next? Cuba! Transform in a Country in the Midst of its Own Transformation.

We have now partnered with Sarah of the Five Foot Traveler for our Transform2Inspire retreat to Cuba. She overcame an incredible fear of flying to now traveling to over 81 countries!! She is a firecracker in more ways than one, and already showing to be an incredible co-leader!