• Katrina Julia

Billions in Our Brains + Bringing Them Out

Right after Costa Rica, I got the chance to head straight to Long Beach for the Fitness MBA Conference. Not only was I headed to the conference, I was actually OPENING it. This was the FIRST time I was OPENING an event.

I've been speaking for years for various companies + trainings, but this was different. This was in an audience that used to intimidate the hell out of me. It was also a complete surprise how it happened. In other words, way out of my comfort zone in more ways than one.

FMI Guild is a non-profit founded by Natalie Minh (IT / Fitness Model / Photographer / Digital Strategies / Non Profit - in other words Bad ASS) and Gary Warren (Sweat is Free / Scientist / Non Profit / another Bad ASS).

The event is held once a year and massively helps fitness entrepreneurs build and blowup their business. Last year, when I attended for the first time as an attendee - some of the top 30 Health Influencers of the world spoke - Mike Rashid and Natalie Jill - to give you an idea.

As a speaker for this event + others, I've gotten questions on the following:

How did you get the chance to open this event?

How do you set yourself up to get noticed?

Do you always get paid to be a speaker?

Do you stay at events after you speak?

I. How did you get the chance to open this event?

I started with attending their event last year, and massively applying what I learned to my own brand. This means I invested in their vision FIRST. A large part of my strategy, and my website is largely due to what I learned from teachings here.

Then, I built a relationship with Natalie Minh that developed organically. We talked once last October about my site when I was thinking about outsourcing it. I decided not to because I could already see it massively changing several times after as I honed in on more clarity. Thank God I didn't! It has changed 7 times the last year, and is about to change again!! I am on quest for constant improvement!!

In July, we had a call about ebooks + marketing. Natalie and I had both shared how we both wanted to work together however it would develop.

One thing led to another and she asked for a testimonial on last year's event. I wrote a testimonial outlining in detail the value I'd received and the estimated annual impact. I did it expecting NOTHING. I was simply doing it from the HEART. Natalie got super excited when she read it, and asked me to help with their advisory board! I said of course! YES!

Then, we chatted about doing a webinar about the fear of money + how to bring value out that we all have within ourselves. I then created Billions in Our Brains. We set up a video call to cover it. As soon as she saw the first two slides, her mouth dropped. I said is that a good drop or what's going on? She said oh my god, I want you speaking at FMI with this.

I said - are you serious?! I would LOVE to! Later, Gary (co-founder) and I had a call and he told me I was opening!!!! I was AMAZED + so GRATEFUL!