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Billions in Our Brains + Bringing Them Out

Right after Costa Rica, I got the chance to head straight to Long Beach for the Fitness MBA Conference. Not only was I headed to the conference, I was actually OPENING it. This was the FIRST time I was OPENING an event.

I've been speaking for years for various companies + trainings, but this was different. This was in an audience that used to intimidate the hell out of me. It was also a complete surprise how it happened. In other words, way out of my comfort zone in more ways than one.

FMI Guild is a non-profit founded by Natalie Minh (IT / Fitness Model / Photographer / Digital Strategies / Non Profit - in other words Bad ASS) and Gary Warren (Sweat is Free / Scientist / Non Profit / another Bad ASS).

The event is held once a year and massively helps fitness entrepreneurs build and blowup their business. Last year, when I attended for the first time as an attendee - some of the top 30 Health Influencers of the world spoke - Mike Rashid and Natalie Jill - to give you an idea.

As a speaker for this event + others, I've gotten questions on the following:

How did you get the chance to open this event?

How do you set yourself up to get noticed?

Do you always get paid to be a speaker?

Do you stay at events after you speak?

I. How did you get the chance to open this event?

I started with attending their event last year, and massively applying what I learned to my own brand. This means I invested in their vision FIRST. A large part of my strategy, and my website is largely due to what I learned from teachings here.

Then, I built a relationship with Natalie Minh that developed organically. We talked once last October about my site when I was thinking about outsourcing it. I decided not to because I could already see it massively changing several times after as I honed in on more clarity. Thank God I didn't! It has changed 7 times the last year, and is about to change again!! I am on quest for constant improvement!!

In July, we had a call about ebooks + marketing. Natalie and I had both shared how we both wanted to work together however it would develop.

One thing led to another and she asked for a testimonial on last year's event. I wrote a testimonial outlining in detail the value I'd received and the estimated annual impact. I did it expecting NOTHING. I was simply doing it from the HEART. Natalie got super excited when she read it, and asked me to help with their advisory board! I said of course! YES!

Then, we chatted about doing a webinar about the fear of money + how to bring value out that we all have within ourselves. I then created Billions in Our Brains. We set up a video call to cover it. As soon as she saw the first two slides, her mouth dropped. I said is that a good drop or what's going on? She said oh my god, I want you speaking at FMI with this.

I said - are you serious?! I would LOVE to! Later, Gary (co-founder) and I had a call and he told me I was opening!!!! I was AMAZED + so GRATEFUL!

The event itself, October 20-22 was amazing! I got lots of positive feedback + results from the audience during the workshop. I run it as highly interactive with multiple activities with various pieces of workshops we hold at immersion events like Purpose2Profits, Space Creator, Value Creation and more! The audience was highly engaged and several next steps moving forward!


Give Selflessly

Invest in Others

Expect Nothing

Gratitude for Everything

II. How did you set yourself up to get noticed?

I believe in relationship building + making friends + excellence in everything + high standards. In this particular instance, I did above and beyond what was asked with no expectation. It is important to note that the rewards don't always come from the same source. When service is done selflessly, the rewards come "some how" and "some way" and "some time."

I performed the testimonial + the website draft to the best of my ability. In addition, when I was named opener, I acted with MORE gratitude! I tweaked the presentation, simplified it more, added more videos, and continued to improve it.

I'm also constantly learning from other business leaders, websites, and reading books on how to improve character, presentation, communication, and relationships.

Finally, I show up how I would want others to show up for me ! I was prepared after practicing and reflecting on intentions for audience and discussing this with the co-founders. I arrived early so we could test technology and set up the handouts. I also invested in getting my makeup and hair done on my own. I wanted to show up as the professional that I am and make them proud. I've noticed sometimes speakers forget that the event planners are dealing with a ton of logistics and don't honor that. I make it a point to go above and beyond with gratitude.

Meet Marianna, Dina, and I with Perfect Pretty Beauty! I found them on Thumbstack + IG! They glammed me up the day for photoshoots + for speaking!!

III. Do You Always Get Paid to Be a Speaker?

NO. Money is the last measure I use, if at all.

I use a spiritual + mental screening process like this:

1) Do we have a great relationship?

2) Do they have amazing energy?

3) Do I want the relationship to grow ?

4) Do I align with their mission?

5) Do I resonate with the topic?

6) Is the audience a great fit?

7) Does the opportunity lead to growth?

In this particular instance, 100% on all seven questions and NO, I didn't get paid directly.

Some of the organizations I speak with regarding training CPAs / businesses, I may get paid $1,700 + including travel + expenses. However, often I say NO to organizations where energy does not align.

In addition, those that I do not resonate with have recently been falling away easily clearing space for more that I do resonate with.

Basically, do NOT make your decisions solely based on money.

I often say "Not all money is good money".

This also ties to many fraud cases I have had and putting people in jail for stealing from companies. I urge people to realize and recognize people are mainly money motivated, yet this is the LOWEST measuring stick.

Do not fall into the money magnet trap.

At the same time, recognize when a person or organization is not grateful for YOU and takes advantage of YOU.

IV. Do You Stay at Events After You Speak?

YES. This is another screening I use. Do I WANT to stay the whole time? It is a GREAT gauge of energy! I stayed the entire time at FMI building relationships and got so much value!!!

It gave me more clarity on focus and simplicity for what I am building!! The T-shirts even had "FOCUS" !!! Follow ONE Course Until Successful!! It's funny this keeps following me "in case" I am NOT paying attention LOL!

Here I am with a friend I met last year, Isah! She is super fun!! She is also in the military, a health coach, and Yelp Elite, which means she avidly reviews businesses on Yelp and has grown in influence there!

Some of the epiphanies I gained by staying:

1) Learning about the invention process from Brad Thorpe of Isophit.

2) Increasing clarity on scaling a business efficiently from Natalie Minh.

3) Increasing clarity on combining health - business from Sara Solomon.

Always stay humble + hustle. My two cents from lessons learned!!

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Keep Creating Limitless because that is what YOU are.

Transform + Inspire.


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