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How to Build a Boss Brand Part 2

Before we get into Part 2 of How to Build a Boss Brand, I encourage you to read Part I here.

I didn’t grow up seeing my parents or anyone close to us really getting their own business off the ground, or elevating their existing business consistently. Many of us were taught to go to grad school, get an MBA, get some experience, and set up your business step-by-step.

But even if you did get an MBA or a degree in business, in recent years the tools and technology available to small businesses have increased rapidly with the evolution of social media, influencer marketing, and digital marketing. Once you’ve laid the foundation and launched your business, leveraging these tools is essential to be able to grow and thrive. And the good news is, you don’t necessarily need formal training or courses to master them.


If you’re growing a startup or a business, you’re likely thinking about:

  1. Elevating your business: Creating new strategies, structures, and systems to free up time through automation, delegation, and integration.

  2. Increasing results: Maximizing your time, freedom, and visibility. Growing to the next level, which means exploring ways to maximize opportunities, business models, sales, and profits.


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