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Train Your Biz

To Never Be Broke Again.

There is NO Instant to Success.

Are you struggling to get clients?

Do you feel stuck with getting and keeping clients with results that last?

Are you frustrated with what to do to take your business to the next level?

Are you baffled at how you master physical results, yet business baffles you?

You are not alone.


Did you know that according to Small Business Administration,

96% of businesses fail in less than 10 years?

Did you know that the majority quit in the first year?

That’s the level you are training at now.


To Never Be Broke Again.


I understand the struggle! Without it, there is no strength… and no victory!

I've had wins and I've had losses. What I did years ago was let success get to my head, and then what I did a few years back is let failure get to my heart.

Words of wisdom: Do neither.

You either win or you learn.

Some Wins

Transforming my Own Health, Wealth, Business.

Client Results Avg 4-167 lbs,, + >100% Wealth Increase

Experience in > 5 Industries with Six – Nine Figure Results.

Industries Served: Wellness, Consulting, Education, Energy, Non Profit, Retail+

Business Builder + Owner > 6 Years (100% Self Employed)

Start Up Builder: Six to Seven Figure Growth + 25X Sales Growth Annual

Business Builder: >10 Million in Funding + Generation in Multiple Industries

Finance Finder: >$10 Million in Finance Finding – Fraud + Opportunities.

Some Challenges

Getting into Fitness by "Accident" with My Own Results

Struggling How to Combine Gifts, Talents + Abilities

Stumbling into 25X Sales Growth in Year 1 with Fitness

Inability at First to Keep the Growth + Make it Last

Figuring Out the Path + Passion + Purpose

Obstacles to Simplifying the Complex

My passion drove me for not only transformation, but inspiration. I wanted to give back so much and created non-profit events and more, yet I realized first I had to grow the business to be strong and steady.


I began to apply what I had learned in tons of industries.

I worked and work with numerous coaches and programs, including Strategic Coach, Fitness MBA International, Dani Johnson, and now I am part of Brenden Burchard's and Chalene Johnson's programs to name a few.

I realized then if someone who had worked with numerous business models, industries, financials, and results struggled with building a business alongside passion of fitness, how many more people were out there that needed help!


There are many mental struggles in the process of building a business.

One of the biggest is Instant Gratification vs. Delayed Gratification.

So, no microwave business here.

We are going to train your mind, and your business to for short to medium to long term partnerships, projects, and profit.

A great way to set up your business for both short and long term success is to do things that gain you results faster, and slower at the same time to build your confidence.

Here are some samples.


Great Short Term Win

Run a 30 Day Challenge with Clients with Prizes


Immediate Results of Clients Signing Up


Some May Drop Off After 30 Days

Now, before we go on to the “Add-Ons” and “Strength in Solutions”, let’s chat.

Some may walk away with results, some may actually keep them.

Some won’t. This goes to any type of business - whether health, wealth, or any industry.

The key is excitement, community, and a way to help people see results in their every day.

Let’s shift to consider more value, and results we may create.

Add – Ons:

Add Referral Rewards for Those That Refer Clients e.g. % OFF / Giveway

Add Meal Plans + Workout Plans, Meal Prep, Meal Bags, Supplements

Offer Special Deal for Coaching / Training if They Commit BEFORE the Challenge is Over.

Strength in Solutions

How to Turn a Great Short Term Win Into


Run the Same 30 Day Challenge with Clients at a Studio with Prizes

Post Recognition and Results Online

Partner with Photographer for a Photo-shoot

Include Members + Instructors + Make it an Event for Next Challenge

Include Guides / Blogs / Membership Portals for Instructors / Gym

Provide Referrals Again for More Participants

This just turned one challenge into:

  1. More Clients

  2. New Challenge

  3. Marketing Event

  4. Blogs, Guides, Portals.


PLUS, an added four more ways to make money!

So, my bet is now your brain is “training”. You have ideas coming to you.

Keep Training Your Mind, and Your Business to Never Be Broke Again…

Remember, There is NO Instant to Success.

Tune In Next Time on Getting Clients


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