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3 Tips to Get Results

Every day is a new opportunity to try again. Like a child learning to walk or ride a bike. Yet, we have often lost the joy in the journey.

As a culture, many of us have allowed the "New Year's Resolution" syndrome at some point.

The short term vs. a mindset towards results no matter how long it takes.

When we develop the mindset that every day matters, not just the new year, everything shifts.

Years ago, I would do the yo yo of the New Year Resolution with health resolutions. I never succeeded that way.

When I finally focused on the journey, and removed time constraints is when it happened.

More importantly, what have I learned that will help YOU in health, or in any area of your life?

Tip 1: Identify Habits

The daily choices we make in any area of our life is what leads to results.

With health, here are some of the questions I went through in my journey, and how I help:

1) Is your house "detoxified" of anything that will take you away from your goals?

2) Do you eat out more than 3 times a week?

3) Do you drink more than 3 times a week?

Every single choice adds up either towards what we want, or don't want. No choice is neutral.

You could easily see how the same approach will equate with what you want spiritually, emotionally, financially, playfully, relationally, and mentally.

Face yourself in the mirror and ask are the action you are taking leading you closer to what you want, or further away. I do this every single day. Every day, there are things I am super proud of. Every day, there are things I learn from. A few years ago, I would be down on myself for awhile when I "learned" vs. realizing I should treat myself like a child.

So, when you do this, be gentle! We are all human beings, and do the best with what we have based on the information received at the time.

Learning takes time. Think of a baby learning to walk or when you first learned to ride a bike, or anything new! You will not necessarily get it the first time.

For a complete habit identifier to help you on your journey, click here.

Tip 2: Set Up Success

Think of what tools, technology, and support you will need to succeed.

In health, what I found worked for myself and clients includes: Herbalife shakes + supplements, meal bags, recipes, and meal plans. This is what finally fit into my lifestyle regardless of whether it is day to day, traveling, or on the go.

This is what I walked through in losing >40 lbs. over a year and a half finally stopping the yo yo. It was a lot of winning and a lot of learning to figuring out what would work.

In wealth, this may be getting clear on money actions in spending, giving, and saving. Then, taking action with the mint app to help with money, or setting up a giving plan.

For a daily prioritizer to help you stay focused, click here.

Tip 3: Slow Down

Remember things take time. For some, some areas are faster than others, and vice versa. Whether we are talking about spiritual, mental, physical, financial, relational, playful, or emotional aspects of your life you want to change, you are capable of creating and living a life you love.

Pick an area one at a time, and FOCUS.

This will create results, ripple effects, and momentum towards building your confidence.

There is no right or wrong area to focus on first.

Possibly, pick the area that gives you the most heartache or perhaps pick the one you think might be easiest. This is a lesson I had to learn massively to slow down and focus.

To the point that I even broke my foot surfing in July. There are no accidents and some of the most beautiful lessons came out of that - gratitude, asking for help, and focus.

I am human and constantly learning every day, and getting better and better.

All of us have the incredible gift of creating today with the ability to try again.


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