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10 Reasons to Transpire + Join Us

What is Transpire you ask?

It is each one of us with the ability to transform + inspire others + give back as we grow to our full potential.

Transform + Inspire = Transpire.

The last several years transforming, inspiring, and watching others transform and inspire has inspired me to create a series of retreats and events based on this theme of Transform2Inspire.

As we jump into the New Year when everyone is focused on transformation,

I thought I would share more.

Yes. We travel + transform + we include lifestyle changes in health + wealth + business in each experience with program, retreat, weekend, academy, ambassadors, and fundraisers. I believe in influencing lives positively in every aspect. I believe in providing vast value in every aspect.

You may learn more here about my journey, and how I've been blessed to impact others.

I seriously believe getting away from the day to day provides increasing impact to transformation.

When you create the space to transform and focus, amazing things happen. In 2017, we will have retreats to Cuba + Brazil.

For those that may not be able to travel internationally, we will have a weekend in Atlanta in May. In addition, want to start virtually or with programs, or simply start with our freebies!

I want 2017 to be your year that you see, feel, and touch progress. No matter how small, progress is profound.

In 2015 alone, I was part of four different coaching programs as an entrepreneur, and invested >$10,000.

I believe in investing in yourself, your brand, and your future. I found profound value + impact in many of the programs. What I found missing in various programs was execution, how-to, and clear direction. As a result, we have made it our mission to do so.

Average results with clients, businesses, and brands have resulted in 4-167 lbs. lost, >50% spending impacts, >500% return on investments. These are based on methods involving key performance indicators, goal tracking, and more. These are not guaranteed results as they are average based on commitment, consistency, coachability. The results people receive are a direct reflection of application and action.

There is no instant in success. There is no reward in quitting.

In every avenue of transformation and impact, I have always found it is key to make people feel alive. With some brands, we have included back to back trainings nationally with team-buildings at bowling alleys, competitive basketball, jeopardy games, and more weekly simply to expand energy.

As a result, with our experiences we ALWAYS include ADVENTURE. In Costa Rica, we had zip lining and animal service at a rescue center. In Cuba, we will have car + old town tours + more. In Atlanta, we will have site seeing to key sites e.g. MLK Center + more! In Brazil, we will have experiences with touring Christ the Redeemer, and more!

With having provided training to over 2,000 people across energy, accounting, education, media, and more, I have found over and over intimate experiences provide the best results.

As a result, our experiences provide small groups and/or low student to teacher ratio to ensure exponential experiences with excellence + value in execution.

Ever since I was in college, building organizations and non-profits in a team setting, I have always believed their is massive value in collaboration.

As a result, our experiences integrate influencers, bloggers, brand builders, and social media gurus so that if you are building a brand you may learn from people who have already been there! This includes websites, blogging, instagram, facebook, video, lifestyle, health, wealth, and more! To give you a sneak peak, some of the influencers joining us in Cuba are Ashley Renne with Travellushes and Marissa Pedersen with Postcardstoseattle!

If you are an influencer, blogger, brand builder, and want to learn more about how to collaborate with us and join in Cuba, Brazil, or Atlanta visit here.