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  • Katrina Julia

K.I.S.S. + Simplify 7 Areas of Life

The last few months, I have been focusing on simplifying everything.

I know our world has so much noise, overload, and overwhelm.

Keeping it Simple Sweetie may sound simple, but it takes practice.

At the same time, simplicity is needed for us individually and

collectively. It is also needed for us personally and professionally.

In every nook, cranny, and crevice: we need simplicity for success.

In college, I was really simple with everything.

Do you have faith?

Want to be friends?

How may I help?

What do you feel?

Are you happy?

Hows your money?

(I worked at a credit union)

You want to play?

I find it ironic that as we are surrounded by certain environments or people, we overcomplicate vs. stopping to say how may I simplify this?

As I've transformed every aspect of my life the last seven years, I ask myself now every day:

How can I make "this" more simple!

I wanted to share some insight on what I've learned in various areas + some examples to help!

1. Spiritual

Do I believe in God? Yes!

I wanted to provide some simple guidelines to line up what you face internally + externally.

Will my action align to:

Purpose + Passion?

Faith vs. Fear?

Peace vs. Chaos?

Unity vs. Disunity?

Love vs. Hate?

Could anyone in the world relate to this? YES!

Regardless of their beliefs? YES!

Simple? YES!

2. Mental

How do you feel on a daily basis?

Peaceful or Anxious?

Excited or Scared?

In Control or Overwhelmed?

Depending on how you answered, there may be a lot on your mind that you are not facing. In addition, you may be seeking immediate responses when the circumstances took years to be created!

I highly recommend TWO practices.

a. Meditation. I listen to Oprah (21 day Free Meditations) lately.

Literally, the last sixty days.

b. Space Creator.

Here is a free tool I created to help you create space in your life.

Print it + start creating space + focus.

When you create space. It is amazing what clutter you may clear.

3. Emotional

Do you stay calm?

Do you gather facts first?

Do you seek to understand?

As I navigated (and still do) through internal conflict, I realized I learned emotional reactions from one of my parents who overreacted constantly AND another one who allowed often being treated like a doormat (two extremes).

As a result, I had to learn:

1. How to set healthy boundaries and communicate them upfront calmly.

2. Ask questions if I was confused on something vs. overreacting.

3. Seek one on time with someone first vs. overreacting in a public setting.

My recommendations:

1. Pick 1 area to work on.

2. Focus.

You will be tested over and over.

Be patient with yourself.

4. Physical

Do you put your physical well-being last?

Do you constantly say you don't have time?

Do you eat only once to twice a day?

STOP. This. Is. a. Recipe. For. Disaster.You. Will. Burnout.

1) You may be taking your health for granted.

2) You may be putting everything + everyone before you.