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Paving Your Way to Purpose2Profits

In a world where often people may highlight who you are by what you do, what you wear, and what car you drive, it may be difficult to ignore the noise to truly find your path.

It may be challenging to not only find your way to who you are, what you desire deep in your heart, but to also figure out how to even pave your way from your purpose to your profits.

I've been there following the path others tell you to take and being partially filled. Finding myself over 5.5 years ago in Corporate America six figures, yet realizing many many things - many priceless things were missing.

I began to ask myself - where was the feeling of FULL fulfillment I felt in college when I worked 25 hours a week (yet generated full-time plus results), took 27+ hours in a semester + made straight A's, built non-profits with two best friends still in existence today, generated 400+% results in stocks, served on 3+ organizations + managed events for 10,000+ students, and still had time for a personal life and traveled the world constantly?

Where was THAT girl?

Where was THAT boss?

As I reflected on the journey from 2003 - 2011 (when my awakening and transformation began), I realized in my path to please others, I began to sweep different things I deeply desired.

Did I have many successes + joys - absolutely! By someone else's standards, was I living the dream? Absolutely! However, I wasn't living MY dream. I wasn't living MY FULL potential.

Along the journey, I even sacrificed my health becoming over 40 lbs. overweight and yo-yoing constantly. I would go from overworking to crashing and burning. I sacrificed relationship building more than anything because I was afraid. I managed other's money like a champ (7-9+ figures as a CPA) yet I SUCKED at managing my own.