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Value Creation. From Your Brain to Your Biz: Total Transformation. Part 3 of 3.

Gratitude and delayed gratification. The cornerstone of character. The opposite of what we are typically shown and taught.

The problem starts with often not being taught in school or at home to reflect in immense gratitude for massive blessings we have. As a result, we grow up with lack and continue to get what we focus on. It is possible to change. With consistency, and time habits do change.

The challenges perpetuate with being conditioned to memorize and take a test for a "grade" vs. being conditioned to get results of impact beyond ourselves.

Value Creation is paramount.

1) Reflect in Gratitude Daily. You are. We have MORE than enough.

2) Act + Be Who You Want to Become. Be That. Selflessly. Expecting / Needing Nothing.

3) Release Recognition. Stop Looking to People to Recognize You. Find it Within. Celebrate.

4) Focus + Build. Daily + 90 Day Plans.

Release it all in Faith + Trust. Create a Life + Business You Love.

Click here to listen to Part 3: Value Creation to gain clarity and value to create your life.

Photo credit: Brett Seeley @seeleyfoto


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