• Katrina Julia

Sharing and Selling On Social Media Like a Boss

Are you a content creator, social media guru, or boss blogger? Do you want to share and sell on social media like a boss? Have you started aligning your services, products and online launches to social media yet?

Perhaps, you are a course creator and you’ve shared what you offer a few times on social media. Yet, you still find yourself at a loss on how to share and sell on social media like a boss.

You feel like you are missing a clear strategy, alignment, and direction for sharing and selling on social media. You see some people doing it but the strategy doesn’t seem clear to you.

You want a road map to help you line up social media, blogs, podcasts and emails for launching what you love with the world. Let's talk about sharing and selling on social media like a boss.

Photo Credit: Brett Seeley

Experiences With Social Media

My experience with social media is similar to yours. I started at ground zero. Like you, I have many experiences I could draw on and the ability to learn. If I did it, so can you.

Social Media Evolution:

2011: Leave corporate. Barely on social media & Facebook.

2013: Start using FB for Story Telling & My Wellness Transformation of losing>55

lbs. with healthy habits, Herbalife Nutrition, & competing & start helping others.

2014: My wellness business grows 25x in a year on FB alone. I started on Instagram.

2015: I begin to figure out FIT Life Creation branding & focus on wellness, media, education &

travel. I start exploring influencer marketing.

2016: I set up strategy, structure & systems online & launch online courses. I launch our live events & retreats with influencer marketing.

2017: Our online courses are coordinated with automation and integration of FB, IG, Twitter & Pinterest.

2018: I set up 12 themes for our content for social media, blogs, courses & events. I launch our podcast. I launch influencer marketing with >7+ platforms, researching 25+, and setting up our own lifestyle transformation & entrepreneurship. We work with >3,000 influencers generating >2500% ROI for the year.

2019: We continue to expand with automations & delegations with IGTV, stories, lives. Our course & online launches expand strategy with social. We work with >10,000 influencers & reach over 300 MM in reach across platforms including influencer management for influencers and brands.

In the process of all of this, I fail a ton. Yet, I make a choice to keep getting up with faith and persistence.