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4 Ways to Scale Your Business Smart

Updated: Oct 31, 2019

We only have so many hours in the day. When we first start our business, we are business development, tech support, and customer service. Let''s not forget about head presenter, workshop leader, and accountant all in one. To scale smart, we get to focus on areas to scale our business if we truly want to get to the next level.

Yet, you don't know where to start. You have implemented technology and you have some ideas. Yet, you are not clear on strategy or scaling smart in your business.

Even when I was in Corporate, I often thought of ways to use technology and teams to scale smart. This led to substantial results in efficiency dollars as well as new opportunities up to 7+ figures annually. However, when I read Tim Ferris's 4 Hour Work Week in 2013, my mind shifted further. Anyone else?

I became focused on not simply creating a life and business I love, but freedom in all forms. My initial focus was time and location freedom, and now financial freedom.

Did you know estimates forecast e-learning to reach $325 billion by 2025?

The increase of website and tech tools like Wix and Kajabi make it easier than ever to scale your business and online empire.


Until several years, I did not have a clear path like I do today. Every day, the path gets clearer and clearer. I didn't even have a consistent blog until about two years ago. In 2018, is when I got really clear on. content and topics. At the same time, I am always learning and growing.

This year, we expanded quite a bit with technology with automation and platforms. With the team, we continued to grow with our community with influencers and bloggers. In June, we started scaling with interns.

None of this happened overnight. Step by step, I peel back the layers. I continue to focus and integrate things I used in the past in new and innovative ways. I am and we are constantly evolving. With each and every step, stay focused on growth in every way.

I continue to get clear on who I am and what I am truly driven by - what I believe we are all driven by as humans - freedom. I continue to create clarity on my passion and purpose. I am focused on freedom in all forms - expression, time, location, and financial.

As a result, I know a team and technology will be important as we continue to create community.

When you are clear on a strategy, structure and systems, it becomes easier and easier to scale. If you want to scale smart, four areas to focus on if you want to scale your business include a blog, podcast, influencers, and brand engagements.

How to Scale Your Business Smart

At every stage of your business, it's important to constantly evaluate how to free up your time. I am constantly evaluating how we can do things simpler and easier. The steps I take is setting up a system with automation and/or delegation.

If there is a tool to automate like Kajabi, our all in 1 marketing platform we use for our freebies and courses, we go that route. Either way, any project has 1-5 milestones. Although, parts of a system may be automated, the rest may be delegated.

Once there is a system with 1-5 steps with clear instructions, it is simple to train someone to take the task on. I've done this consistently in 5+ industries, as well as with projects in our all in 1 lifestyle brand.

If you are starting to scale smart, these four areas are a great place to start.

1. Content Repurposing

A blog is a great way to share your story, value for your community, and what you offer. What you may not know is that there are numerous platforms to list your blog on to repurpose your content. These include LinkedIn,Medium, and Bloglovin' to name a few.

If you want to share your content across multiple platforms, you may consider scaling smart with an intern or freelancer in this area. It is as simple as copy and pasting and reformatting.

I used interns for numerous projects across Corporate America including results of 6 figures saved in consulting in <4 months, and 6+ figures found in past tax issues and more. Micro-internships are a great way to scale smart with your business. They may help with revising your past articles to increase SEO and visibility, as well as give you ideas for future content.

We are currently listing our internships that will start in the fall on Chegg to share a platform I use.


2. Podcast Assistance

A podcast is a great way to share long form content for your community. Did you know that over 24% of Americans listen to podcasts? It is simple and easy to host a podcast, and feature guests. A great way to scale your business with your podcast is get help to source for your guests.

Ideally, you want guests who have listened to at least one episode on your podcast so they have a feel for the show. Tip: Be familiar with a platform or organization if you want to be featured.

It is simple to create a google form like ours for podcast guests to help you determine if a guest is a great fit. We set up a pre-recording call to get a feel for the guest and for them to get a feel for us. We talk about the highlights of an episode.

As a result, a great time-saver is having an internship for an intern to look for and respond to guests, set up the initial calls, request photos and publicity items, and schedule the live recording. This may save over 6+ hours weekly alone.

If you didn't know, we have a podcast on iTunes, Stitcher, and Podbean with over 100 episodes now.

Tune in if you love to listen to podcasts on lifestyle transformation and entrepreneurship!


3. Influencer Marketing

When you start something new, you are learning like crazy. With influencer marketing in lifestyle transformation and entrepreneurship, it was no different for us. I learned from influencers we partner with exponentially. I test drove over 15+ platforms. I created our own lifestyle and entrepreneurship influencer marketing platform.

We have now worked with over 10,000 influencers indirectly and directly. Last year, we experienced over 2500% ROI. In 2019, we reached over 300MM in reach in campaigns and more. I am and we are constantly learning, simplifying, and applying new strategies.

We now have a full process of campaigns, applications, screening, and contracting. By partnering with influencers, we are able to free up my time to focus on community expansion and development in many ways.

Initially, I set up the strategy, structure and systems before scaling. I recommend starting with the simplest collaboration to set up the influencer or freelancer for success.

We help brands with creating influencer marketing campaigns, placements in our lifestyle transformation platform, and integrations with our events and retreats as well. Take a peek at our How to Build Your Brand with Influencers and Get Results Free Webinar to get an idea.


4. Building with Brands

Building with brands involves taking an agency, or consulting approach. You may scale by integrating digital on the front-end and back-end for training for the brand as well.

When I started, I considered my experiences and results with >7 industries, I knew it would all tie into what we are creating with lifestyle transformation and entrepreneurship. With each step I took, the path revealed itself.

It started with the intention of passion, purpose, and people before profits. It grew to strategy with wellness, media, travel, and lifestyle.

We are outlining the process currently, and integrating influencers, interns and freelancers into each segment step by step. We focus on people who love to create a life and business they love.

When you start scaling with brand engagements, make sure you have a process outlined from the initial information provided to calls scheduled to what you offer step by step with options. This makes it simple to assign managers or leads to help you scale smart.


Scale Your Business Smart

In the beginning with a business, you are setting up the foundation. You are figuring out blogs, podcasts, and your community. You aren't exactly sure on how to scale your business smart. The business is in its infancy stages.

Step by step, you figure it out (or get help), setting up strategy, structure, and systems. Get clear on the three to five steps in an area to start. This helps you get clear, and sets up your team for success. As a result, it helps you scale and increase your return faster.

What did you get from this, and what will you take action on in the next 90 days or less?

If you want more insight, we have more on lifestyle transformation and entrepreneurship on Websites.



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