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Rise X Live: Online Rise Conference Experience

Are you missing community and live events now? Do you find yourself imagining learning, connecting and dancing with a high-vibe community? You are not alone. Yet, like all of us, you don't have any idea on when you will be able to attend a live transformational event again.

You have the power to choose to create the world you want to see. I believe this is the true test of my character. The choice to turn pain to purpose and pivot. At the start of the pandemic, I made this decision.

I am not discounting your experience or pain in any way. I get it. In the last 7+ years, I have walked through some of the hardest spiritual and practical experiences in my own transformation from the inside out.

I may not be dancing at live events anytime soon to learn, and/or our own live transformation events and retreats, but I am hopping on virtual online meetings, events, and conferences in every direction. From wellness to virtual travel events to virtual entrepreneur events, I am on what aligns for my heart and soul next to help me and us create a life, business and community we love.

You love to create a life, business and community you love as well. Maybe, you are a multi-passionate entrepreneur, creator, and speaker now? Perhaps, you are ready to take your side-hustle to the next level. Or, maybe your circumstances or those in the world have your entrepreneurial antennae up. I get it.

The journey of wellness, lifestyle, and entrepreneurship is not for the weak-willed or faint of heart. It is pruning, pain and a process to passions, purpose, people, and profits. What I find most important now is courage. Courage to act in spite of circumstances we face today.

You may have heard of entrepreneurial communities, a friend of yours may have already attended a Rise Conference, or you've heard me talk about Rachel Hollis's books - Girl, Wash Your Face and Girl, Stop Apologizing since my friend Mellie King told me about her in 2018. I have read both books 4x and cried like a baby the first time reading Girl, Wash Your Face.

The books, Rachel & Dave's shows, Start Today Journals, #Next90DayChallenge, and Noah's Tea Time on @DaveHollis have helped me and us increase clarity and prioritize actions daily. I originally planned on attending my first Rise Conference in San Diego this year. Life had other plans.

Rachel, Dave, and every speaker brought incredible value to every session. From courage to perspective to time management to faith, every session energized and fueled my spirit. One session alone far exceeded the price of admission #notsponsored.

The Hollis Co delivered above and beyond with over 7 sessions and over eight hours of energized and practical programming - not to mention the divine dance parties with DJ Ahson Williams. There are many ways for you to create community online now so join and jam with me with my Rise X Live online conference experience.

Rising Up in Adventures in Costa Rica

Creating Communities

As a multi-passionate entrepreneur and traveler, I am constantly creating, transforming and inspiring with communities from an influencer, entrepreneur and brand side. Community is everything!

That's why when Rachel and Dave Hollis announced their Rise X Live conference this year, I was all in from the start. I am a huge believer in investing in yourself, and always have been. My parents cultivated this in me early-on from summer camps to global travels to higher education. This belief transferred to certificates and education in entrepreneurship as well.

If you didn't know, I have served in 7+ industries with experiences ranging from strategy to corporate to finance. God has blessed me with a love of learning and gifts, talents, and abilities in various ways from an early age.

When I became a full-time entrepreneur this transitioned into numerous communities including Strategic Coach, Herbalife Nutrition, Dani Johnson, Dave Ramsey, Brendon Burchard, and Chalene Johnson to name a few. Myself, my prior 401k, credit cards, student loans and my parents have invested in me beyond measure. God and I do not let those investments return void.

Would you love to connect and create with a courageous community you love around the world? You may start now with online summits and events in communities globally like Rise X Live. From the second the conference started, I could feel the prayer, love and intention behind it all from every speaker and participant.

Fitness Fuses with Fashion Fundraiser

Rise X Live Online Highlights

One thing I have heard Rachel repeat is "no one will care about your dreams more than you do" and you are "made for more". Whether you are a side-hustler, entrepreneur, and/or woman in business you will love the Rise and Start Today communities.

Let me tell you first and foremost, nothing I share will do the experience justice. You didn't spend 8+ straight hours being filled with dancing, joy and service from the speakers and DJ. You will get a snapshot of what the experience is like.

The online conference, Rise X Live, fueled me further to attend a Rise Conference Live.
If this much energy may be brought online, I can only imagine a stadium full of women focused on downloading and directing our divine dreams and desires.

If you have never heard of it, Rise Conferences are a 3-day personal growth women’s conference created and led by Rachel Hollis. RISE Weekend is an event where women from every walk of life can come together to be inspired, supported and enveloped in a community.

Creative entrepreneurs, influencers, and goal chasers come together to focus on fueling to chase their dreams. Some of the latest conferences have involved 7,500+ women all in one venue dancing and dreaming and directing.

The Rise X Live conference took on a focus of Courage for the first live event. It included Rachel and Dave Hollis, as well as incredible speakers like Ed Mylett, Eric Thomas, John Maxwell, Don Miller, Jen Hatmaker, Brit Barron, along with incredible workouts and dance moments with Chris Chandler and Ahson Williams.