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  • Katrina Julia

One Week: Creating a Life & Business I Love: La Fortuna, Costa Rica

My 2021 has started off on fire in more ways than one. Not only did I experience more adventure in the first week of 2021 compared to all of 2020, I focused on creating a life and business I love to a whole new level.

In 2021 Vision: A Year Ahead, I shared two parts of a Vision Framework. I focus on creating a life and business I love and aligning my actions by day, week and month to the vision. I stay flexible, assess, and adjust regularly.

Whether you are working from home or going global, this will help you increase vision, clarity and action in creating a life and business you love. Some things have happened sooner than I thought, like my travel to Costa Rica on my way to 7 Continents. Others haven't happened yet. I exercise patience at every turn.

I am learning both increased focus and fun day by day, and week by week. Not only that, the levels of automation and delegation exponentially grew in 2020 and continue to. This increases freedom in many ways to have adventures too. Speaking of which, don't think with all my adventures, I am not creating a lot too.

There's a variety of ways to grow your wellness, online, media and travel business no matter where you are in the world. Whether you are starting on social media, increasing your online courses, growing influencer marketing, and/or offering consulting, there are ways to automate and scale your business like a boss.

One Week: Creating a Life & Business I Love: La Fortuna, Costa Rica to create and scale a life, business, and community you love will help you create, transform, and inspire. These are ways I created and scaled during my first week in Costa Rica, and an insider look at One Week of Creating and Scaling a Life and Business I Love in La Fortuna, Costa Rica.

Pura Vida!

Dragon Fly Hideaway in Costa Rica

My first Airbnb in Costa Rica: Dragon Fly Hideaway by La Fortuna and work from home environment.

Creating a Life and Business I Love near La Fortuna

This is my first location in Costa Rica. When searching for my first stay and Airbnb, I wanted to make sure my work from home environment would increase creativity, focus, and creating with ease. As a result, the outdoor environment and WiFi are important. Dragon Fly Hideaway is perfect in all ways.

Although I am staying in Costa Rica for about three months, I am staying in three different parts and Airbnbs in Costa Rica. They are all helping me create a life, business and community I love. Whether you are working from home like you were in 2020, or going global like I am, how and where you work from makes a differences.

The stay, environment, and how you feel will increase your creativity, focus and productivity like you never imagined. Creating a life, business, and community you love becomes easier with a spirit full of joy, love, and adventure.

My first week in La Fortuna, Costa Rica has me blown away both with my one week adventure and one week creating a life and business I love.

Morning Routine

Although I am traveling and staying in new places, my morning routine remains the same. Putting first things first helps you win the day as an entrepreneur.

I practice what I call my Sacred 7 Morning every day including:

I Ams







Within my morning routine, this includes shake, tea, tabs with Herbalife Global Nutrition (and sunblock too!)

Healthy Travel with Herbalife Nutrition Pool Side

All shots are my own on Canon EOSM100, Sony A330, and/or my iPhone 12 Mini.

Week Outline: Creating a Life & Business I Love

Each and every week, I outline my week. I make sure I am aligning my actions to my vision.

The evening before a day, I make adjustments. The day of, I outline actions according to my Create 7. Each day and week, I track actions via Click-Up and Focus Matrix for accountability and management. In addition, I assess each week for results in community, creators, and creatives.

Walking into the week, I envisioned:

1 Focus on Vision for the Year

2 Community Creation

3 Clearing Emails

4 Summit Shares & Updates

5 Media on Blog & Show

6 Scaling More Tasks

7 Clearing Content from Phone, Camera & Computer

If you have read my 2021 Vision, you are familiar with my Create 7. If you haven't yet, this focuses on prioritizing my actions aligned to my Super Focus and Top Priorities.

Super Focus

I am creating a life, business and community I love. I am receiving $3,000 - $25,000 daily-weekly-monthly easily for wellness, media, online & travel with incredible community. I am DAP, Supervisor and World Team with Herbalife.

Top Three Priorities

1 Community: sources, propose, and scale

1 Creators: courses, mgmt

2 Creatives: media, series, books

One Week: Creating and Scaling in La Fortuna, Costa Rica.

The outline below will help you see how I created and scaled this week, as well as how it aligned to the focus and priorities. In addition, I will share reflections along the way that help me grow too.


This includes areas with media, series, launches, projects, community, scaling, and online.

Depending on priorities and the day, I may focus on 1 area, 3 areas, and sometimes all 7 in a day.

1 Launches

1 CREATEIT Summit and Mastermind shared this week on Newsletter, Social & Platforms.

2 Aligned media to Summit, Mastermind & Experiences.

2 Community

1 Cleared 200+ emails this week

2 Aligned to Desafio Adventure Company

3 Completed reviews for Speaker Opportunities

4 Applied for 7+ Speaker Opportunities Online

5 Stopped Future Speaking Lead Reviews

6 Reviewed Influencer Marketing Platforms from VAs

7 Set Up Profile for Ongoing Consulting with CloudPeeps via VAs

8 Stopped Misaligned Platforms for Consulting Sources

9 Updated All Click-Up Project Management Sprints & Items

10 Applied Key Related Proposals in Wellness, Media, Online & Travel

3 Media

1 Completed 7 Media & Shows for

a 2021 Vision

b Travel to Costa Rica

c Airbnb in Costa Rica

d One Day in La Fortuna

e Canyoning with Desafio

f Rio Celeste Waterfall

g One Week Adventures</