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One Week: Creating a Life & Business I Love: La Fortuna, Costa Rica

My 2021 has started off on fire in more ways than one. Not only did I experience more adventure in the first week of 2021 compared to all of 2020, I focused on creating a life and business I love to a whole new level.

In 2021 Vision: A Year Ahead, I shared two parts of a Vision Framework. I focus on creating a life and business I love and aligning my actions by day, week and month to the vision. I stay flexible, assess, and adjust regularly.

Whether you are working from home or going global, this will help you increase vision, clarity and action in creating a life and business you love. Some things have happened sooner than I thought, like my travel to Costa Rica on my way to 7 Continents. Others haven't happened yet. I exercise patience at every turn.

I am learning both increased focus and fun day by day, and week by week. Not only that, the levels of automation and delegation exponentially grew in 2020 and continue to. This increases freedom in many ways to have adventures too. Speaking of which, don't think with all my adventures, I am not creating a lot too.

There's a variety of ways to grow your wellness, online, media and travel business no matter where you are in the world. Whether you are starting on social media, increasing your online courses, growing influencer marketing, and/or offering consulting, there are ways to automate and scale your business like a boss.

One Week: Creating a Life & Business I Love: La Fortuna, Costa Rica to create and scale a life, business, and community you love will help you create, transform, and inspire. These are ways I created and scaled during my first week in Costa Rica, and an insider look at One Week of Creating and Scaling a Life and Business I Love in La Fortuna, Costa Rica.

Pura Vida!

Dragon Fly Hideaway in Costa Rica

My first Airbnb in Costa Rica: Dragon Fly Hideaway by La Fortuna and work from home environment.