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Instagram Reel Types Like a Boss

Welcome to Instagram Reel Types Like a Boss, which you will love to create next. As a multi-passionate entrepreneur, I struggle a lot when people say to find your niche, or do this or do that, and I'm like none of us is one person or I'm sorry, we are one person.

None of us is one thing I'm an entrepreneur, I am a beautiful, wonderful child of God, a health advocate, an online course creator, I have a podcast, I'm a Global Traveler. So I know that many of us have been taught and put into titles or put into boxes.

When Marie Forleo came out with her book everything is for a bigger and audible and started using the term which I had already been thinking about this term 'Multi-Passionate Entrepreneur' I was like that's what I am, I am a beautiful, wonderful child of God.

When people ask what do you do, I'm a multi-passionate entrepreneur, and as long as you may articulate and show that, to your blog, to your show, to your Instagram Reels to your online courses, and effectively launched that, then it is absolutely doable.

I believe it gives you the freedom to create with fun the flow without restriction. And when you look at people like Oprah, she was passionate at the beginning about sharing stories, unapologetically giving freely to people on her show.

People like JLo, you know, she was dancing freely back on Saturday Night Live showing all the things and sharing all her dancing skills. Then that morphed into her movie career that morphed into perfumes that morphed into supporting others. Look at Beyonce, she started with singing, she expressed herself fully in singing. So why not take that same approach in entrepreneurship? I mean, call me crazy but like Pastor Michael Todd says, "It's o